Pippa Pallette 

There’s no doubt that Pippa O’Connor can do no wrong in the fashion world but how does her talent transfer to a make up venture? Bloggers and Influencers the world over are collaborating with brands and Blank Canvas is one of my favourite brush brands for the last few years. It is Irish and the brishes are all high quality.

I’ve used this before, a friends one but Blank Canvas very kindly sent me one recently to try, so I have been using it alone and in combination with other products over the last couple of weeks.

The eyeshadows are very neutral and quite loose in texture, this means that it takes a bit of blending. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because everyone knows that blend is your friend. The colours are all matte apart from the lighter shades of Ollie and Lily. The shadows are swatched below. I think Lily as a shadow is quite chalky and to be honest I wouldn’t use it at all.

The colours are flattering with SuSu and Tobi being the transition shades. KD and Dodo are good as a liner or smokey eye. Applying a little duraline will turn them into liners.

The shadows apply quite lightly and you need to build them,  the fact that they are matte means that they lasted well. Matte finishes are good for older mature eyes or anyone with mobile eyelids however the blending can make this difficult. I tried a primer under it and it worked quite well, the lid needed to be matte to start with. This is the case with most eyeshadows for me though as I have oily lids ( lucky me). They lasted all evening and stayed where they should.

Everytime I used it the pigment was so loose I had to use a babywipe to clean around the Pallette. I’m totally anal about keeping my pigments separate though and having clean areas so the lighter ones don’t affect the darker ones.

The stand out product for me in this set was the contour, it had just the right amount of warmth to ensure that it wasn’t mucky but it wasn’t orange either so that it looked like a bronzer. The blush is buildable too and great for Irish skin tones as its an apricot undertone as opposed to a pink or purple. The highlighter was lovely too and there were no sparkly bits that might sit in pores. The face part defintely wins my complete approval.


Priced at €35, it would be a good one if you like a very neutral full face look. In terms of value for money I am a little on the fence. It isn’t very expensive but isn’t a budget friendly option either. It wouldn’t be for the adventurous or those that like full on make up. It would be a pretty gift for someone or for yourself if you like to keep your look daytime. Olive skinned gals won’t find the blusher any good though and the contour won’t show up so give it a miss if youre originally from the med. I think Pippa stayed true to her personality and look in this product.  It isn’y Holy grail but is a must buy if you like light and natural.

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