Thalgo essential regenerating mask 

I’m a big Thalgo fan because their skincare is quite frankly amazing. I nearly opened the masque at the door when it arrived because I’m a masque queen. They are really important for boosting your regular routine. Like a multi vitamin for your face really. Sheet masques originating in Korea originally for post procedure , have hit the mainstream market in a big way.  

I read the details ok this one and thought ok this is one for people on the go so that’s how I’ll trial it. I applied it and true to form there was perfect adhesion to the skin. So I was able to do other things without fear of it flapping off my face. It felt cool and soothing against my skin. I’d had a few guns the night before and had just completed a walk so my gas ran was flushed.  It contains biocellulose and Mesolift Marin which is a patented formula. It hydrates and offers such a lovely plumping to the skin. This worked incredibly well. I would certainly repurchase this as its practical and results driven. My skin felt dreamy after using it. 

Disclaimer : if you live  with anyone let them know you’re applying it so that they don’t get a fright, it’s not pretty but your face will be. A top tip is to use any excess liquid from the pouch on your neck. Your skin will love you for it! 

Have a great day! 

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