Chloe Love Story Eau Sensualle 

The Chloe brand is synonymous with elegance and decadence. If a handbag or boots are not in your budget you can still luxuriate in the scents of the brand. The latest release is the Eau Sensualle version of the Love Story scent. 

I openly admit to being a fragrance lover and for a few years I managed a perfume shop. So my take on fragrance is always a little nerdy as well as passionate. I’m not someome that will run out and buy the latest one but rather I take my time to choose the one I like most. I’m that irritating shopper that sprays it on herself and has a walk around before she decides. Your pheromones react differently with fragrance you see. So the latest one might smell like an sensuous delight on your friend but resemble nothing like that on you. Anyway back to this gem of an EDP. 

It’s quite long lasting and strong in scent. Strong meaning that it’s definite and very notably a Chloe fragrance. They are quite distinct. It opens with a burst of Orange Blossom and Yuzu with a slight hint of lemon. The heart of the fragrance is floral most notably Passion flower. It dries to a sexy cedar amber base with a nuance of sandalwood once it sets. I must admit to having had a fair amount of compliments on this one. I think it oozes femininity and class. I’ve had this one for a couple of weeks and wore it to a wedding abroad, the bottle is practical and pretty and compact enough to fit in a clutch. It’s available in Brown Thomas and Debenhams as well as selected pharmacies. 

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