Rimmel Wake me up concealer 

The bags under my eyes are Prada if anyone asks however the dark circles that come as part and parcel of modern living could just do with vanishing. Don’t want to spend a fortune on concealing the deal? 

Rimmel wake me up contains vitamin C to wake up the eye area. The product has the magic formula that contains coverage and illumination and in just the right quantities.   It’s perfect to days when you’ve suffered lack of sleep or over indulged at the weekend. It comes with a wand but I find the most effective method of applying is just patting it in with your ring finger . Patting the concealer will help to keep it budge proof and it won’t sit in your fine lines. I’ve used it to add a little light to my forehead and nose to mouth lines. It’s not heavy duty enough for spots or red veins so leave that to the heavier textures.  

One of the best things about this is the face it’s under a tenner. 

The pharmacies always have Rimmel on various offers at different times so it’s worth shopping around, there’s a foundation in the range too and it’s equally flattering.  

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