Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh Kiss 

I have smelt many a fragrance by Marc Jabobs and to be honest the last time I owned one was when he launched his original one way back in 2001. It was a fresh fragrance in a very understated bottle.  The fragrance was floral and musky and quite different at the time. Ten years ago saw the launch of Daisy and since then there’s been a few launches and his fragrances have become a little more frivolity filled and aimed at a broader audience. The most recent release is an EDT fragrance which is sweet and opens with a distinct mandarin and black currant burst, the combination of these makes for a rather     nectaurous beginning. The floral soft petals mid notes are primarily rose and the base is light and slightly woody. 

If you like a candied type scent that soft and youthful then it’s certainly right up your alley. It’s good to last and the bottle is so pretty for a dresser but perhaps slightly impractical for a handbag. I love impracticality though. 

It’s launched already and may just be a perfect scent for wedding season. I don’t think it’s a bridal scent I do however think it’s rather like a festival one. Young sweet and fun. If this describes you get yourself a bottle immediately. A lovely gift too.