Ylang by Roger and Galet

Exotic and precious is the introduction I’d like to give to this Fragrance Friday.  Ylang is a floral fragrance that opens sweetly with a tropical type scent. The top notes are orange blossom which is always a winner for my nose, the heart of the perfume is Ylang which is complimented with a soft nuance of fragrant coconut. When I smelt this initially it transported me to a kinda warm rainy day and the notes of stone are subtle but make a wonderful addition to the fragrance. Anybody that’s watched my Snapchat will be aware of the fun I had guessing the notes in this particular scent.  It’s suitable for day or evening wear and is a great addition to your hand luggage, it lasted around 4 hours and it comes in a 50ml or 100ml.
It’s a limited one and perfect for a holiday fling, available from selected pharmacies and Marks and Spencer. It’s a little different and I’d consider it to be floral and a little oriental/ exotic. I think it’s suitable for all ages and for an extra boost use in your hair, the backs of your knees and wherever you usually place your perfume. 

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