Thalgo Limited Edition Zanzibar 

Summer is here and in full swing and the legs have most certainly been out during the nicer weather. After a winter and spring in trousers and opaque tights we all could do with a little scrub. Fresh out of the summer releases drawer at Glam Towers is this perfect duo of a salt scrub and hydrating milk. Indulgent and just the right amount of friction makes the salt scrub perfect for stimulating the wobbly thighs and dry upper arms. It really was no hardship whatsoever to use this scrub which has the lovely addition of oil which leaves the skin supple and feeling soft. This scrub works best on wet or damp skin.   The body milk is light and quite fresh in texture meaning it works well in the morning if you need to get dressed quickly. Drier skins will enjoy the combination of the scrub and milk. I found my skin was soft and it didn’t irritate my Psorasis at all. I didn’t scrub the atopic bits but did use the milk on them. 
In terms of the science and ingredients there’s a lot of natural salts and sands in the scrub. 

 The fragrance is warm and exotic and contains watermelon and cinnamon. For the nostalgic readers there is also a note of white musk which adds a certain nighttime sexiness to the body milk.  

Once or twice a week is enough for the scrub but the milk is now an everyday luxury for me. 

This is luxury bathing at it’s absolute best a perfect gift to yourself or someone else.

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