Kiehls Butterstick SPF25

Matte Lipsticks are everywhere at the moment and so is the sun and hot clammy weather. this isn’t a good combination for our lips but if like me you are a lipstick addict then you will suffer or your art. The only way to wear the liquid lips is to get your lips in top shape. I have found this Kiehls Butterstick which has just been released on counter now absolutely fantastic for adding a smooth bit of moisture to my sometimes dry lips. There is a unique blend of oils and butters to help keep your lips supple and not cracked. The main one being the cure all coconut oil, which melts onto your lips like a dream. It is pricey at €22.50 however the product is amazing and the packaging clever so that it won’t open in your handbag and get ruined, anyone remember Labello? and how every single hair or fibre in your bag stuck to it because the plastic top wouldn’t stay on? So this will be a winter staple too and I think anyone thathas just starting dating or is on tinder might want to give it a try fro the kissability factor.


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