Commitment phobic nails 

Time and time again during the summer there are weddings BBQs and events and life is just busy for most people particularly stay at home mums when the kids are off school.

If like me you love glam nails but aren’t especially skilled at making it happen then it is worth checking out Kiss ready to wear nails. They are so realistic looking and come in a decorated arty style or a plain more subtle style. Available in Dunnes Stores and pharmacies they start from €10 and are a great idea for holidays or a weekend away. Your own nails still grow under them and I tried them twice and didn’t notice any major damage to my nails. They are ideal for weddings or for people that aren’t allowed to wear nail polish in work, they aren’t ideal though if you are working in food preparation obviously.

Just make sure your cuticles are nice and trimmed and that there is no oil or cream on your hands prior to applying them.

/they wil offer you a glam short term fix and you can do them at home. A win win.


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