Seoulista Masks 

Sheet masks are big business right now with the Korean trend taking the beauty world by storm. Hailed as a quick fix the idea is that they are infused with skincare and you can use them just once. Perfect for travel they are individually wrapped and super easy to use. They don’t break the bank either at €8.99 each. They work well for people what travel a lot or fly.. 

The one I am using in the picture is the charcoal one which decongestants and purifiys. It’s not harsh but my skin felt soft and nicely cleansed afterwards. Some clay or charcoal masks can leave you feeling tight but not these ones. They fit perfectly into my routine. My pores were enlarged after a long few weeks at the gym. With consistent use they will help to keep them clear. 

I think it’s best to use them in the evening as a pamper treat. You can put make up on afterwards however I feel you reap the rewards more if you leave your skin clear. 

To use them;Cleanse your face , press the mask onto your face and allow the serum to infuse for 20 minutes. No need to rinse. Rub the remaining serum into your face. 

Seoulista are free from parabens mineral oils and sulfates. So basically no nasties. They just work. It’s quite simple.

They are available from Dunnes Stores and SamMccauley. 

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