Naked Heat 

I must admit to getting myself in an awful state when I heard that this pallet was being launched. As a middle aged blue eyed woman I could think about little else until I got it in my hands. Of course after the big walloping disappointment that was the naked basics ultimate I was still hopeful. I needn’t have worried or fretted because this delivered everything I expected . A nice selection of warm orangey tones which compliment my eye colour. A mixture of textures and finishes which were suitable for day or night.

 I love the fact that the packaging is solid and robust. The textures blend so well. The only one I think there is excess fallout from is the shade ember, so I’d advise caution with that. Other than that it’s a good all rounder. There isn’t any shade I don’t use however I love the one “dirty talk”. I haven’t anything but intense love for this Urban Decay Naked Heat and you can get it in Debenhams €48. 
This wasn’t a press sample or gift but using my brain I bought it during Mega Weekemd and so got 10 percent off xxxxx
Happy Heat dolls x

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