BPerfect LMD Master Pallet

Last weekend I got to meet Brendan the creator of BPerfect Cosmetics. BPerfect is a brand that’s available in over 1000 outlets on the island of Ireland. As a man who has no artistry skills in terms of make up I found it a little funny that he would develop a range that was so good in terms of ease of use and quality especially as he doesn’t wear make up himself although he’s a self confessed tan lover.

The LMD face pallet is a mixture of soft focus warm tones and more dramatic smokey hues that blend quite well. The texture of the eyeshadows vary but they are soft and blend-able offering impact straight away. The pallet was Brendan’s brainchild and he enlisted Louise’s help to put the right collection of colours into it. It’s versatile in terms of use. I think to work with it effectively I’ve found that softer natural bristled brushes work really well with them. The synthetic ones I found made the pigment too loose. That however isn’t necessarily a bad thing but something to be mindful of if you are vegan.

There are lots of pros to this pallet the first one being that there’s a full range of colours and the highlight and contour are brilliant both as cheek products but also work well worn on the eyes.

The colours are all quite complimentary and there is a good range of warm and cool.

The matte colours blend quite well I did find he more sparkly ones needed a little bit of fixing spray to give maximum impact but I think I’m just extremely fussy when it comes to payoff.

See below a daytime look I created although it was evening before I got to take the shot

Then the night time more festive and dramatic look which I went heavy on the blush for.

All in all for €30 I think it would be a great gift. It’s early days as to whether it gets popped on the holy grail pile but I’m quite hopeful.

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