Blemish Emergency Solution 

Spots are not to be picked do you hear me? NOT to be picked. Your mum told you, your beauty therapist told you and now I am telling you. Forget it. I don’t care if Mount Ethna has erupted on your face, this is not a drill. Leave it out. Blemishes respond well totopical treatments and I am not talking the Clearsil variety but rather a gentler approach. Enter Payot, Pate Grise.  On cleansed skin, apply a thick layer at night locally on small spots with a cotton bud. How it works is it brings spots to head by accelarating the maturity of them. This means that they don’t last as long and will be less sore and angry looking as they won’t have had as much time to “bake”.


Generally speaking I find that my Time of Month really affects my skin and I always get one or two angry ones when they do appear. I am blessed to have generally good skin but it is always handy to know this little life saver is there. I hve been known to use it  on one or two ingrown ones too. They are stubborn spots that have a hair inside, you have to treat the surface first and this is such a handy little all rounder €18.95 you can buy it online or in your local Payot Stockist




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