Going full length…..

You may have noticed I am dipping my toe cautiously into fashion blogging. The reason being that although I’m not by any means an amazing representative for being a certain body type. I am proof that you can be plus size and embrace your look. I welcome all commentary on this of course just like I do on my skincare and make up posts. I was sooooo nervous though starting out and normally not one to shy away from my comfort zone I tested the waters on my insta stories first and the response was pretty amazing to be frank. Hundreds of women send me DMs saying that there was a gap in the market for someone that was confidently happy in their own skin to make a break for it. We are all different and we are all prepared to celebrate diversity in every way. So yes the toned look is great. But also there are women going about their daily lives that want to see how something looks on someone like them.

Here I am 🙂


The more I scrolled through my Instagram feed the more I was seeing a particular body type. I thought back to myself as a teen / young adult and how the waif look has been in. I used to choose to read books over magazines because I didn’t feel like I fit the typical pretty look. I grew up feeling very mediocre in my appearance but it actually never bothered me to to be honest. I’ve never been about my looks ever… which is just as well with a big nose and a belly. I will admit to making the best of myself though, and I have this theory … I’m not a head turner but I’m not a stomach turner either and that attitude has served me well.

Fat is something that when you carry extra weight you will be referred to as. People will offer you advice about dropping weight. People will tell you stories of how their friends and family members lost weight. They’ll chime in on how they lost weight. People will give you exercise DVDs ( true story ) in an attempt to ” motivate you” . People will ask you when you are going to hit the gym. People think they are being helpful. Let me explain something … it doesn’t work. At all. You end up making the person feel bad and isolating then from you because they are worried that you will keep returning to an uncomfortable subject. Leave it. Please.

Here’s the thing. I can lose weight quickly if I want to. I know the Educogym way works. The guys that work there will help you shift body fat quickly and it does stay off provided you maintain healthy eating and exercise. I like the shape it gives me in terms of toned legs and arms. It’s also increased my bum size a bit to make it higher.

Every human is different. But just remember that. Behind the weight is a human. Don’t feel sorry for them or offer unsolicited advice.

I am really lucky to be confident. I don’t really fit into anyone’s idea of an ideal body. I’m Apple shaped and have all of my fat bits on my middle. So let’s face it there isn’t a fashion brand in the world that finds that aspirational. That’s ok.

The other thing is beauty brands are less likely to repost pictures of things like legs or arms that are tanned with their product if your thighs are chunky. That’s a fact.

But I still want to look good? I still want to be somewhat stylish ? Yes on both counts. Apart from the need to wear clothing for decency we also need to wear clothes because they make us feel good.

I remember being at a conference in London last year and someone telling me that men only chatted me up because I looked like a tramp… inferring somehow that a person offering to buy me a drink was only doing so to get me to bed. This was after numerous comments regarding my weight and appearance.

Another thing that will stick out in my mind was shopping for bridesmaid dresses and how only one in the whole shop flattered my shape. One dress in a warehouse full of them. The dress was beautiful but not really what the bride wanted.

So here goes nothing … like everything I do I’ll enter the fashion world as I did the beauty world … at my own pace and with my own rules.

I’m still working on my angles … I’m not sure of how to pose because I haven’t ever really had to so all Tips are gratefully received.

Just to be clear I’m not worried about critique at all if something isn’t nice on me or whatever but just remember this before you comment on anyone’s posts .. if it’s something that can’t be changed instantly .. then just leave it. By instantly I mean a dress , a lipstick or a pair of hideous shoes 🙂

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