Eden Medical my journey to a better face

We all have small insecurities about ourselves things we would rather not have to look at everyday and for me working in the industry I do it means that I’m sometimes in the spotlight a little. Most notably with various events etc I have to attend. I’m no stranger to a little tweak, a ml of filler or anything that’ll help me look good. I have this theory about how looking good makes you feel good. It gives you confidence to go out there and be comfortable in your own skin.

Let’s set the record straight here… I’m not suggesting anybody head out and start getting jabbed with needles for the sake of it ( and believe me I’ve had some offers ) but if you feel in your heart you’d like to make some minor improvements then it’s worth it. You are worth it. I’m not suggesting for a minute that we head on the reality TV bandwagon of just getting our faces injected. What I’m suggesting is realizing the best version of yourself.

I have always worked off the principle that if you’re going to have any procedure done you should rely on experts. So like any good beauty hack I went off and had some consultations and then basically made a decision. Firstly I’d had quite a negative experience in another clinic , but that’s for another blog post. Secondly I used to work in a clinic before so I knew what to look out for.

Let’s start with what you categorically don’t want :

A salesperson ; this is the kind of person that tries to convince you that you need everything filled and frozen and will offer you a package deal … sort of like a multipack of crisps at the supermarket. You need 3 areas of Botox and your cheeks , and lips filled. While I’m at it do you want some lower face Botox you’re looking kinda big in your jaw area..Here is the consent form … woah back up buddy what? No.

A drill and fill : this is the type of doctor that approaches it in a partially agricultural way. Load up the filler and away we go

A backstreet clinic : this is your person that flies in and does the injectables without telling you whether they are FDA approved. You’ll find these people will typically be only present in the premises part time so if you come back there’s nobody to rectify your problem. Once there is a medic ( Dr or Nurse) on hand at all times you’re good. Loads of salons have visiting doctors and that’s perfectly acceptable too. Many doctors travel to inject a list and then leave and come back a few weeks later and revisit. That’s fairly common practice especially in rural areas where demand mightn’t be that much.

Just so you know too … Clinic’s are required to have EPI pens and first aid supplies in case something goes wrong.

Anyway with Eden I have found them to be friendly and warm in their approach and Dr. Emma is kind and caring. She is really honest about expectation and results and will never ” sell” you a service that won’t make you look your best.

I have had anti aging injections ( Botox) lip fillers and Profhilo all carried out over the course of the last year.

My frown lines were zapped and my brow lifted. My lips filled ( twice ) and I’ve had two Profhilo skin treatments which helps with laxity of the skin, to be honest I had been contemplating getting filler in my marionettes ( these are the ones from the corner of your face to your chin) but Profhilo has given the result I wanted.

Let’s discuss the brow lift first … Botox is injected between the brows and just over them to give a little lift. This takes effect 7-10 days post treatment. You then attend for a review and if you need more it is at this point you get a second injection. With anti ageing injections Doctors tend to be ginger in their approach and add. Although not permanent the effects last typically 12-14 weeks so it’s much better to be cautious with a dosage rather than go full throttle.

The lip filler is done with a topical numbing cream to ensure minimal pain. The area is injected then and the filler takes about 24/48 hours to adjust to your body temperature after that it feels no different from your own lips. It’s offers plumping and slighter larger lips. You can only go to a certain size to keep it looking natural. I had recently suggested more filler in my lips but Dr Emma thought it would change the balance of my face too dramatically. As I respect her opinion as a Dr I took her advice.

Make up free

Profhilo is a skin treatment whereby HA is injected into 5 different points on the face to offer a smooth finish. This is a smoothing as opposed to plumping treatment.

I loved the results of Profhilo as it’s an overall treatment that helps you look youthful. For me the over 35’s will love this and I must admit to feeling more confident to going make up free since having it done. This one is more for a fresh face healthy glow look that a filler look. You don’t need to be an injectables person to have this done as its all about giving you a natural refreshed look.

Dr Emma

For me the measure of what I’ve had done is that I feel good about how I look. There’s nothing wrong or vain about wanting to look good. It’s a big part of my identity and truth be told I’ve always been diligent with my skin, except perhaps with sun exposure in my youth. Another big factor for me is knowing that people that follow my website or social media have gone to Eden and been satisfied. I hate to recommend anywhere that’s not up to scratch especially for injectables.

This isn’t a sponsored or paid by Eden Medical in anyway. I am happy to continue going there as I feel they know my face.

I’m not chasing perfection but I’m chasing feeling good and looking good. Eden does that in a non pushy way that feels natural to me.

You can contact them by calling 021 2067768

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