Meraki Brows

Nobody likes crap eyebrows let’s face it .. I mean they frame your face and they also play a vital part in expression … how else are you going to look shocked when your credit card bill comes?

They play an essential part for me in looking awake and also in creating balanced because I love a strong lash and a nice dose of eye make up.

My brow gal Katie moved to a new salon in Glanmire called Meraki which opened its doors in July. Meraki is owned by Sarah Jane Curtis a well known therapist best known for her nails and she had a thriving business that needed a new premises and a bigger team.

The salon itself is super cute and perfect for the ‘gram. The recurring theme is floral design with plenty of the rose gold accents.

I attended the launch and was treated to some beautiful candy floss cocktails and Palmento Pizza.

Once Katie settled I followed her there for my brows. Priced at €14 for a tint and wax it’s good value for money. These aren’t mates rates either so I’m told the price is just that for everyone for the signature brow. I was kinda surprised really given the level of detail that Katie puts into her brow work, and the going rate for brows seems to be around €25ish in a lot of places.

I didn’t want to just post this straight after the brow work as I wanted to see how the ting etc would last and everything was perfect. You can see that my brows clearly need the ting and shape, otherwise they resemble a wild gorse type scenario and let’s face it… I need good brows.

Overall I knew that Katie’s work was impeccable and now I know her new workplace is too.

You can find the gals on social media and be sure to give them a like.

They do a loyalty card too with every treatment you get a stamp. I’ve collected two already which is so handy. I live little rewards when I spend money in a salon.

I also had a Dibi Milano facial there which was gorgeous. I’ll need to try the aftercare before I can comment on that. The facial itself was hydrating and relaxing. The use of the skin scanner to assess hydration levels was a nice touch too.

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