Alex Steinherr X Primark

I was delayed writing this review for many reasons but primarily because the utter devastation you all would have felt at reading the reviews and then hot footing it to Primark, only to discover the goodies were our of stock would have ruined your festive season. However I am glad to report that it is back baby and with January being 7584 days long we could all do with some inexpensive retail therapy . Am I right? Yes, of course I am.

Firstly I would like to personally fan girl all over the place about How amazing Alessandra Steiner is. There is no word to describe how warm and full of wisdom this lady is. A proper beauty journalist, not just a standard hack or blogger. This lady is serious about innovation and to be honest I was gobsmacked that she was launching a skincare range with Penney’s. Noy because there is anything wrong with masstige skincare but because it’s Alex Steinherr lover of luxe and wearer of La Mer. Cripes. Now we all know that I am a lover of luxury when it comes to skin. This is because I am old, and my skin is dry. Blessed only with reasonable genes and good cheekbones I decided to road test some of the goods.

Fangirling over Alex
The Look for the Launch

I got to say that I said five Hail Marys and a decade of the Rosary before I went to the launch. Anyway, I need not have fretted. The products are lovely. Sleek packaging that wouldn’t look out of place in Harrods the functional pumps and delivery of the products is a welcome addition to my skincare collection. None of them are scented, which not everyone is going to love. The ethos is simply though, no fragrance means less allergens, thus making it a more mass-market suited product. The price points are decent, €4 to €8. I mean I am also a little late to the party. Vogue have covered these.

Overall I’m impressed with the range. It’s an inexpensive range that’s is a great addition to any skincare regimen. There were a couple of stand out products for me for various reasons.

The Maximum Moisture cleansing gel was a good addition to my gym bag, I don’t shower at the gym I drive home to do so but do like to freshen up. The gel does that perfectly. It’ll remove make up if it’s light textured and you’re not wearing a tonne. You’ll still have to double cleanse though, that’s true for a lot of cleansers especially if like me you’re a long wear lover. I find I ordinarily dislike Micellar products because they can be drying but to be honest there’s little different between this is the more expensive brands like Kiehls.

Find you a girl that loves you like I do lipgloss
Plumping and Glowing

Let us start with Plump and go… a veritable essential before a night out. This serum and sheet mask combo are the Batman and Robin of your pre-going out or before event routine. Priced at €4 it is a perfect pick me up for brightening your skin and making your make up glide on seamlessly and at the same time glow from within. I always associate glowing with something that stings, it doesn’t rest assured. The Plump and Go mask is still my favourite and most purchased in the range. I went to Penney’s the day after we had the launch and bought the whole range of products to test. The serum and sheet mask was the winner though for me. The serum was oozy and spreadable and the sheet mask cool and refreshing so that ahead of a night out is just what you need.

I also loved the plumping lipgloss becasue you can wear it alone and over lipstick. There is a nice effect from it and for a gloss it holds well and will suit most skin tones. I have actually repurchased it because it is glam on the go. It matches well with Spice by Mac lipliner which if you don’t have you need.

Finally the Sleep Spa range feels nice and silky on the skin. You wake up looking refreshed and it isn’t sticky. One of my pet peeves is sticky night time creams, as I feel they make your hairline greasy and your pillow really sticky. The eye mask is light and non irritating. The face mask leaves your skin hydrated.

There is a whole range for oily skin that would be a great start for a teen with tendancy towards spots and bad habits.

I have shocked myself writing this piece, because you see Primark Skincare and I have never met before now. A self proclained skin care snob I loved their brushes, lip liners and cotton balls, but would often scowl at their masks and bath bombs. No longer shall Primark be my holy grail of just Hoopy earrings. I will now await a further drop of goodies from Alex.

To conclude I won’t be disingenuous and pretend that my whole bathroom shelf is now this range. It isn’t because my skin needs at almost 40 are a little more complex that this range offers. But there are some new favourites in here for me, affordable and a hell of a lot better than many of the slightly more expensive ones. Alessandra Steinherr has debunked the idea that you must use all luxury to have great skin. You can mix and match and find something that works.

If your regular routine is keeping your skin clear and trouble free then supplement it with some of the masks for an extra boost. Remember your skin care should always be aimed at your skin type, but supplementary products like masks can address issues as they arise ,for example dull or dehydrated days.

Skincare isn’t just an investment with money it’s also a commitment with time to self care and take time for you xxxx

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