Huda Cheerleader

Huda landed in Brown Thomas Cork in November and wow what a counter. From the gorgeous space to the incredible eye products I was pretty much instantly hooked. I follow Huda Kattan on social media and love her look. Do what exactly does it offer Irish skin-tones? I guess the lipsticks and eye shadows are very much a personal choice and I think the New Nude is possibly the most neutral of them all.

Well the foundation range is in fairly impressive if you like full coverage matte finish. The shade range is obviously quite diverse which is something Irish beauty counters use to lack but in recent years that’s changed somewhat. The pharmacy end of budget ranges is still quite poor in my opinion for women that aren’t Caucasian but that’s not for this blog post.

The limited edition lip trio was superb. The liner being waxy enough not to migrate. It smooth enough to look pretty and vibrant. The matte lipstick glided on and offered the perfect one coat finish. My lips are in pretty good condition as I treat them regularly with a good quality balm so I find most matte lip colours especially higher end products work well.

Lastly the lip strobe was to die for. It was so glam and I got so many compliments on it, I dabbed it in the Centre only so as not to disturb the red matte finish as I was out for food and drinks. It survived pizza chicken wings and about ten glasses of fizz and a couple of gin and tonics, I wish my head felt as good as my lips looked but it definitely lasted.

Huda as I range for colour for eyes and lips is age appropriate for anybody really it’s just a matter of preference and whether you like the more chromatic finishes on this and looser pigments and glitter. The finish on the eye shadow is buttery and blendable on the Mattes. I’ll do a more comprehensive post on the eyes and the looks I’ve created in a new post.

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