Ruby Flame by Luna

” If you can find me a better red than my traditional favourite which is strangely Wet n Wild Red Velvet for about €3 then I’ll convert. ”

The one above pictured my friends is a Luna by Lisa creation in Ruby Flame.

I am unashamed to say that I’ve purchased all three €19.99 at Murphy’s Pharmacy in Midleton around Christmas and Ruby Flame was the last one I tried.

For me it’s a perfect Spring Red, a touch of coral with a comfortable matte finish. I like that they come as a set , the temptation for me often comes to purchase one and leave the other sometimes resulting in a mismatch of liner and lipstick.

The liner is the perfect texture , firm yet once it touched the skin it glides effortlessly across the lips. The lipstick is a nice shade particularly for blondes.

Beauty writing I love but the fact that I am writing also about a high quality product designed by Lisa Jordan of Just Jordan fame means something. I love seeing Cork women do well and her Luna range is quite honestly something.

Everything from the pricing to the packaging is perfect. The lipstick closes magnetically, something you ordinarily only see in high end cosmetics with a much higher price point.

The lip kits come in four colours three of which I have tried and loved.

Ruby Flame – pictured.

Morganite – a strong nude pinky purple

Nude Jade – a softer peachy nude

I have yet to try Soft Citrine but next pay day i will be.

The range is affordable and high quality. I’m excited to see what’s in store next for Luna.

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