Is Insta like Dirty John?

Life is funny. Not ha ha funny but sort of odd. A bit like the socks you wear under winter boots or the mismatched Crockery your Granny had. And yet it goes on. One of the things I’m noticing increasingly is the amount of people living Instagram lives, that aren’t really their actual lives.

The whole internet was in recent weeks in a state of shock about Dirty John the Netflix drama and documentary about John Meehan, a sociopath, a psychopath and someone that coercively controlled a successful beautiful woman and had his whole life built a complete lie of an existence. He was blatantly lying and using people , primarily women financially. He was a dreamer , someone that curated a life , was fake and behind it all an evil drug addict. There was nothing redeeming about him because even in the height of his apparent love for these women he was essentially selling them a version of himself that didn’t exist.

The absolute best moments of my life happen behind the scenes of my online world, with no phone and no filters.

Here is the thing though. I have done marketing , both digital and traditional in college. I was in a previous life , a top salesperson and account manager. I don’t say that lightly. It’s a fact. There are very few things I couldn’t sell if I decided I wanted to. I mean that sincerely. That my friends includes a ” fake life” full of perfectly photographed products and pictures of myself gazing into the ring light. I could be the non murdering Dirty John of products. Sell you a dream.

But that my dear readers is not who I am. I am not fake or dramatic or pretend. I am not going to market myself to companies to be more ” mainstream” as so many people have tried to advise me. I’m not joining an agency or allowing anyone else to represent me. I don’t care about follower numbers. I have had endless conversations like this recently with people trying to make me see that Glamity Jane is a brand. It’s not. It’s another side of me that is bolder and a bit more vain, that’s what the name means.. Glamour and Vanity which is a Calamity. That’s the way the name came about. It’s tongue in cheek.

Here are some facts you might not know about me from looking at my social media.

I work in editorial and media.

I am not a natural blonde

I have a ” boy done good” but I keep that private.

I am a worrier .

I am really intuitive .

I love fancy hotels but not so much fancy food.

I usually go on three holidays a year ( i never really put them on social media except for the occasional selfie) .

I have a lot of friends but a few really close ones.

My favorite presents are candles and wine .

I prefer a Chinese to a five star affair.

The most monumental thing I have done for my mental health is join The Squad ( it’s a Gym ).

Books make me happy,

I love scrambled eggs.

So do what you love, and what you want to do. If you are happy living your life through the lens do that. Don’t compare yourself to people on the Internet though. Living your best life … is just that… living x

Just remember to unfollow or block anyone that makes you feel bad or unworthy. Life is for living. Live your best moments how you want to, even if it’s through a phone.. as long as it makes you happy. But take others lives online with a pinch of salt. The world is full of Dirty Johns…. just make sure you can recognise them.

In the interest of disclosure I’m writing this piece on my phone in hospital attached to a drip. Nobody on my Instagram knows that. As I’m busy not being on it. I’m people watching , writing and wondering about people’s lives. I find people fascinating.

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