Spring Looks pastel and pretty

In recent times I have been trying to lighten up my look for daytime. Being over forty is a game changer in terms of skin and while I’m diligent with skincare I’ve had to lighten up on the coverage big time.

I am going to talk about two brands in this piece that I don’t speak a lot about usually. One is a budget one Catrice and the other is Art Deco a high end salon brand. I am hoping as a result that there is something in this for everyone , regardless of whether you are a budget beauty buyer or a high end payday treat type of person.

I think in a way the internet has led us to believe that only one perfect full coverage look is acceptable. For me skin is in so I have been lightening up the coverage big time in recent weeks.

Lets start with the Catrice one drop concealer which is pretty awesome. Light and with just enough light reflective pigments to warrant using it under eye, it’s cheap and cheerful. The dropper is handy too as there is no waste. It’s not super coverage though, so don’t expect mega blemish coverage.

  • Medium coverage
  • Long-lasting and sweat resistant, no creasing in fine lines.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid
  • Vegan

Next is the 1 Minute Face perfector which is a one colour fits all. Initially when I tried it , it looked to dark but it blended flawlessly. It’s not a foundation or primer, like a hybrid and the only thing I have on my face apart from the powder.

  • Mousse with a light coverage
  • Adapts to any skin tone
  • Mattifies and makes pores and skin irregularities disappear
  • Vegan

If you prefer an actual foundation then try the Catrice Foundation finder below. It will tell you which base suits you best.


The Powder was the real winner for me. Glow Illusion Loose Powder is ultra fine and suitable for all over the face. As the 1 minute perfector is so light in coverage I used just a touch to set the concealer and dusted it along my T-Zone. The gentle colour stops it looking stark.

  • Ultra-light, loose powder
  • With light-reflecting pigments ( these really work on mature skin too)
  • Suitable for setting make-up in place

Then I used the Golden Dust Highlighter Drops Glow Drops. These give a super subtle look. You need a tiny amount over your make up. I tried them added to a matte foundation too on another occasion but think these are better used over make up.

  • With light-reflecting pigments
  • Creamy texture (I used a synthetic brush and tapped it in)
  • Practical pipette applicator
  • Vegan

The next Catrice Product I used was Glam & Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara. This ultra tiny brush gives each lash the volume and length it needs. The small wand means that it gets right to the lash root and coats even the fine blonde ones I have. It comes off easily with standard eye make up remover.

  • Creates voluminous sexy lashes
  • Activates lash growth
  • Light texture
  • Vegan

It’s Easy Tattoo Liner Waterproof

This one deserves a heading all of it’s own . I know Honestly Celine is a huge fan of this product too. It is such an easy product tp use. It is transfer and waterproof. It is long lasting and super simple tp apply, even if like me your wings aren’t amazing .

Next up is the Art Deco line of cosmetics which are good quality practical products. I have been a big fan of their blusher for years and would like to see more of the brand out there. Currently it is primarily available in beauty salons , spas and selected chemists.
The clinically-tested Blusher is soft and delicate to apply. It is excellently long-lasting and offers brilliant colour. For a touch of colour on the cheeks, No. 28A “holiday flirt” in dark pink was my choice. I like a defined blush but rest assured they cater for all.

he eyeshadow look was so different for me in #115 , which is the light pink and #570 which is the darker one €7.05 each. It offers light buttery blending and would be lovely for a daytime or wedding look.

The blush and shadows come without packaging so that you can customize your own pallet. This makes a massive differnce to the weight of your handbag and is more environmentally friendly.
The trendy Magnetic Palette with its innovative sliding mechanism is perfect for storing ARTDECO eyeshadow, blusher, camouflage cream or eye brow powder and is particularly practical for travelling. A palette that is as unique as you are and ideal for your everyday needs. I intend to build my shadow collection to include a few smokey ones for practicality for bringing it to work to the times I have events after work.

Brow Filler

Visually thicken and boost the volume of your brows with the Brow Filler. The precise brush makes it easy to perfectly apply the product to even to the smallest brow hairs. The tinted eyebrow gel dries once applied and fixes the brows in place without appearing shiny. The special texture contains fibers which fill out the gaps in the eyebrows and provide extra volume where needed. Once combed through, it’s impossible to tell the fibers apart from the real brows as they look so natural!The new shade No. 6 “soft brunette” is made for light brown hairs. For me I found that the gel comtrolled the stray ones well and it could easily disguise patchy brows. It doesn’t as you can see from above make the brows overdone.

Finally the lipstick. Soft with a semi opaque finish it helps add a nice depth of gloss to the lips. It would be perfect for people that don’t like a heavy lipstick. The colour is rosewood shimmer and it is hydrating and would suit most skintones that are celtic I think. A nice gift for mothers day. There’s something about the shade that is nostalgic to me. I felt it was good value at €14.95, as there is good lasting power in it.

So there you have my spring fling look. Beauty gurus rejoice! It’s time to lighten up the look

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