Glow Getting with Bellamianta and St Tropez

March 6th was National Spray tan day and as all the communions and confirmations approach, I thought it would be a good time to talk about tan. Tanning can make us feel good and give our skin a radiance that as Irish citizens we sometimes lack, due to our absence of sun. It is of course so much safer to tan with a product rather than the sun or sunbeds. We have come a long way from pongy formulas with orange hues and disastrous streaking, thankfully. Preparation prevents tanning tragedies and the first thing you must so is scrub scrub scrub. Getting rid of dull skin will ensure a radiant glow. The remains of your last tan must of course be removed. Ireland is the second biggest user of fake tan in Europe so is it any wonder that we have some hot home-grown brands here.

Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser’s fast working formula is tough on tan and gentle on the skin. This effortless foaming cleanser effectively removes self-tan without exfoliation in just 5 to 10 minutes. The unique moisturising formula leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth, erasing any signs of stubborn tan and preparing your skin for a fresh layer of Self Tan. Can be used to remove any self-tanning products.

Bellamianta Triple Action Glycolic Body Scrub: Triple Action Glycolic Scrub uses a combination of rich oils, Avocado & cleansing Sunflower Oil, to soften the skin and gently exfoliate with a mixture of AHA’s, Glycolic and Lactic Acid which act as natural exfoliants, leaving your skin smooth and fresh for a new application. The enriching blend of enzymes, which are beneficial in exfoliating & enhancing cellular renewal, leave the skin with a natural radiant glow.

Bellamianta Luxury Exfoliating Glove: An essential for pre-tanning preparation ensuring you have a clean canvas ahead of your next Bellamianta application. The spongy like texture glides over sensitive skin type and is less abrasive that traditional exfoliating gloves.

The day of your spray tan don’t apply any deodorant or use strong shower gels. Avoid shaving and waxing and tinting at least 24 hours ahead of your tan.

No tanning piece is every complete without a mention of St Tropez, one of the original tans and a brand I adore.

I never get my face spray tanned anymore. Facial tanning is regularly a cause of concern for me. I hate the small of many of the facial tanners until I found one that didn’t interfere with my skin care regime. Escape to Paradise with St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Water Face Mist – the transparent tan with a tropical scent. Achieve a natural looking facial tan that lasts for days, in just one application with our new tropically scented Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist. Bring ot onto your neck and collarbone area for a healthy gloww. This vegan friendly, ultra-lightweight and clear mist formula is made with 100% natural tanning agents, as well as Hibiscus extract for its anti-oxidant properties and uplifting Fresh Green Mandarin Water to instantly refresh and revive your skin. Simply spritz under or over make-up with no need to rinse off for a wearable tan that subtly develops over 4-8 hours into a natural, streak-free golden tan. Apply evenly over the neck and décolletage for a flawless glow. The fact that it is delivered with a spritz means that it won’t get patchy and it didn’t cause me any irritation at all. It is the best facial tanner on the market bar none.

So folks you know you want to get your glow on and you know it doesn’t even need to be #tanningthursday.

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