My Clarins – Ethical and for young skin

Teen and early twenties skincare was for the longest time no man’s land. During my time working as a beauty consultant, I had many a parent in a quandary about the skincare that their son or daughter could use. You would be forgiven for thinking that all hormonal teens and twenties had oily skin. Teens and early twenties have a range of skin concerns primarily based around their diet and lifestyle. That is until the launch of MyClarins, part of the iconic brand Clarins, it is a fuss free capsule wardrobe for the skin in your late teens and twenties. 

We have also all become more environmentally aware. Sustainability is important to us all but most especially this generation. All of the ingredients are ethically sourced and 88 per cent natural. The range is fully vegan, using clever skin friendly ingredients like Moringa and shea butter.

This age demographic prefers the self-select type of service which is why you will see this 88 per cent natural range in pharmacies and natural stores as well as traditional Clarins outlets. The beauty of these is that the price range is €18-€27. This is because the range doesn’t contain anti-ageing, in your twenties it isn’t essential. We are still producing lage amounts of collagen and elastin. This age group don’t need the same amount of stimulation for cell turnover. They do however need to keep the skin clean. Removing make up and pollution is just as important when your skin is young and fresh. There are two cleansers which of course encourages the double cleanse. At this age keeping the skin clean is the most important step.

My Clarins RE-BOOST Refreshing Moisturising Cream for Normal Skin is probably going to the bestseller, they have other textures too for dry and oily skins. There is a night mask too for post party hydration. I have tried this as a gentle overnight mask and it works well.

The handiest thing is the mattifying stick. It treats the surface oil with clogging the pores. Much better that a greasy compact with a bacteria laden sponge. I must say that Clarins have managed to plug a massive gap for a whole bunch of previously neglected group.

I was delighted Clarins came to Cork to chat to press and bloggers about the range. We had a splendid night in the Montenotte hotel chatting skincare and the generational difference between attitudes to skincare.

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