Garnier Milky Goodness

We all have tried Garnier’s magical micellar water by now, but they have just launched a brand new one that is full of milky goodnessFirstly it is worth mentioning that this isn’t milk in the true sense of the word, no need to be pasturised or homogonised.

The cloudy formula is created through a mixture of oil and purified water. When these ingredients combine, they create a milk emulsion which is enriched with glycerine renowned for hydrating the skin. The most important ingredient though is Pathnenol, lauded for its anti-inflammatory properties and of course regeneration.

I found it effective at removing make up and it is suitable for eyes. It won’t remove heavy waterproof liner or mascara though. Of all of the Garnier Micellar water’s i felt this suited my skin the best. I wasn’y a massive fan of the original and felt the oil infused one left a slight residue which was fine if you were double cleansing.

It is perfect for a gym bag or to use instead of wipes. It is fast effective and won’t burn your skin like many of the budget buys cans. Garnier is a budget brand and so doesn’t contain any anti ageing, it is worth metioning though it is nourishing and won’t strip the skin.

Micellar Milky retails at €8.95 and is available in pharmacies and stores nationwide

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