Sunday Brunch at Cask

Heading over the newly opened Mary Elmes bridge in Cork towards the reimagined Victorian Quarter in Cork I am anticipating something delicious as I head to Cask for a brunch. A self confessed dinner- only girl I was surpised to find myself joining the young hip trendy brunch crew at a respectable hour of 1pm last Sunday. I say respectable because I have yet to enter the gorgeous surroundings of Cask and not indulged in a cocktail. I am not alone in this endeavour though as cocktails are their speciality. Therefore I proclaim 1 pm a suitable hour to start on a refreshing creation from the new Summer menu. The patrons were mixed in age, so brunch just isn’t for the bold and the beautiful. My companion and I have very differing views on Brunch.She loves it and I find it something I never really rush my Sunday for. Lets face it though 1pm is practically mid afternoonand they serve until 3pm. So i decided to be decadent and order some French Toast with Strawberries and Apple Syrup. She opted for the Avo- Toast with scrambled eggs and bacon.

The French toast was perfect, not too eggy with just the right amount of crunch and thankfully they were generous with the strawberries too ( you can get it with strawberries or Banana or plain. My companions meal was equally satsifying with her proclaiming that the Avocado was just perfectly ripe.

Fig Leaf and Peach Leaf

We both chose a cocktail I opted for a Fig Leaf, Longeville Apple Brandy, Fig leaf fortified Apples and Cider reduction. €12.00. Babs chose a Peach Leaf which was Tequila Ocho, Peach Leaf, italicus and Bubbles.

Both refreshing and quite potent they are served simply and are absolutely enjoyable. Cask have a simple theory on cocktails “We run a seasonal cocktail menu which changes every 12 weeks. The concept is  simple, mother nature determines which direction our drinks evolve. “

The team at Cask have always been known to be friendly and to offer advice on cocktails and I must say my last visit was no exception. They are attentive without being intrusive. The Waterfall at Greenes provided the most serene and perfect backdrop to a much needed catch up. You could be anywhere in the world on the terrace. I would absolutely recommend Cask for any occasion but i must say I am now converted to Brunch. Bravo to Bryan for creating a no fuss brunch and Andy for the cocktail creations. I will be back for sure. For reservations or call them on 021-4500913. As a regular evening customer of Cask I will certainly be back during the day for something lighter. Also their Espresso is perfection

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