Glamity Jane Services……

Fancy a one to one beauty consultation? Are you stuck in a make- up rut? Book in for a one to one consultation where we can make over your make up bag and chat about skincare. We can find the solution to all of your skincare and make up dilemmas in a relaxed environment at your home or Glam Towers. Want to bring a pal? I can cater for small groups and hen parties also.

Is your team stuck in a rut? Are your salon sales dipping? Leadership comes from proven systems and confidence in your decisions. Sometimes that comes from an external source that can help you implement systems and procedures in salon that you may have not previously thought about. Need some dynamic ideas for social media or your website? Choose from a 1/2 day, full day or weekly rate. Receptionist on holidays? Need an extra body on the desk temporarily? Le me know and I can hook you up.

Do you love the everyday running of your business but need help with marketing and PR? Small businesses can’t afford big retainers but as the world of hair and beauty is competitive you must stay on top of your PR and Marketing presence. From writing press releases to managing your Social Media I can do it all. Marketing is a means for you to deliver your business goals. Marketing is an ivestment in your business not a cost.

I can help with a strategy for your business. Digital marketing is all about reactive marketing, tradtional marketing is slower but builds results. I take a multi disclipined approach to this. Long term marketing is the key to building your brand. I can consult with you on your branding and help you get your message to new and exisiting customers.

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