Glowy skin


The most fundamental thing to feeling good for me is looking as good as I can. The best part of that is glowing. It all starts with a good canvas so skincare is obviously essential however the make up bag has a few great staples in it to help me shine.

Lately I’ve been using MAC strobe cream mixed with their pro long wear nourishing foundation and I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my skin. That is possibly as a result of a Profhilo treatment but for now I’m talking strictly cosmetics.

I’ve found that bouncing the foundation into my skin with a beauty blender or the AYU buffer brush gives good coverage with a nice finish. In the picture above I’ve got MAC Oh Darling mineralise highlighter and their Telling Glow blush.

My décolletage has an interesting launch from Bondi Sands on it. They have a new line of liquid Glo Lights which I have been loving lately. The one pictured is Bronze and it just buffs in so well. It’s a great one for shins too as you’ll see in the picture below.

Anyway I hope I’ve given you some Saturday things to add your shopping list. Spring is definitely time for a Glow up!

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