Suu Balm really soothes your face

This is skin health month and with that in mind I thought I’d share some tips for soothing itchy or atopic skin. Incidentally I’ve also found that the products are great for the whole family including any menopausal ladies. I’m a lover of effective skincare but recognise the importance of keeping the skin barrier at an optimal level. There is nothing worse than over cleansed tight skin, the products you follow up with won’t be effective or feel very nice when you’re applying.

The SuuBalm face wash is SLS free and gives a thorough yet gentle cleanse. It’s suitable for dry itchy skin as well as for use during a double cleanse. I’ve found I’ve used it most often in the morning to rinse off any impurities post sleep and to prep my skin for my serums and the day ahead. It’s 100ml and did last quite long as I was using a garden pea sized amount with tepid water and a flannel, it did also effectively remove lighter make up and was gentle. The mascara I use needed a separate eye make up remover.

The facial moisturiser made a massive difference to my patches of psoriasis that I have on my hairline and forehead. It’s a nice base for make up and for night time not too greasy. The pump makes it ideal for the times you’re in a rush and it’s easily absorbed and not too rich. there isn’t a an SPF in it so you’d need to factor that in. The size is a generous 50ml and the pump means that there’s no waste and the last pump feels as fresh as the very first.

The stand out thing for me with these facial products is how any irritation and itchy sensation was calmed without any milia or texture issues.

Currently Suu Balm is on promotion in Llyods for 33 per cent off, you can request a free sample here . The website to purchase is and they offer free delivery.

This is part of a collaboration with Suu Balm.

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