The Cornstore

Pornstar Martini

I am noticing that restaurants are reporting a huge loss in business so I thought I’d share my thoughts on some of my favourite ones. First in line is The Cornstore. A long time favourite for me for a few reasons. The staff there are really nice and nothing is too much bother. I also recommend them a lot and every single person that’s tried the restaurant has reverted with a positive story. That to me tells me that they are consistent which is important. I thought the best way to tell you how good it is , was to show you. So I’ll walk you through my ride or die order and explain why I love it.

Pornstar Martinis are my special occasion drink. They are however not all equal. The Cornstore one is incredible. I think their mixologists are experienced and really passionate about drinks. I always have one to start and I’m a bit ashamed to say they know my order.

As a diner I’m not a calorie counter nor am I really adventurous. So to start is almost always chicken wings. They have loads of options but for me these are spicy and crispy and just the right amount for a starter. They are served with a side order of blue cheese dip but I tend to go for mayo.

Chicken Wings
Fillet steak

For mains it’s a steak, sometimes I’ll go for sirloin but mainly fillet. The garlic butter is a winner for me with chips. They have side orders too which change regularly.

Cookie Pan

Lastly their cookie pan , served warm with ice cream and caramel sauce. This is true decadence and one to share. I couldn’t eat a whole one but find my dinner companions are usually happy to share one.

This isn’t an advert or anything but I love local businesses and especially Cork based ones.

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