Coriander … Indian Nepalese fusion in Cork

My second piece about local businesses in Cork is about an Indian Nepalese restaurant with two locations in Cork. Coriander is the best Indian in Cork in my humble opinion. I must admit to not being the most adventurous when it comes to food but I would 100 per cent say that most of the fancy looking dishes here taste even better than they look. I’ve captioned what the food is and their menu is far more extensive than I could capture. It’s clear that the chefs take pride in their dishes.

The chef moved to Cork from the well known Pickle restaurant in Dublin and has been getting such amazing reviews that I had to try it. Since I tried it initially I have returned a few times and ordered take out many times. You can check out their website They do take away and delivery also but will advise you on what food is best consumed immediately.


Crispy pastry parcels stuffed with potatoes & green peas, tamarind chutney.
Crispy potato cakes filled with ginger, green peas & raisins, asafoetida infused, date & Tamarind chutney
Hand pounded skewered lamb kebab charred in tandoori oven with mint yoghurt, onion salad.
A traditional Punjabi dish – chicken tikka cooked with onion & tomato sauce finished with musky fenugreek, cream & honey.

Chicken with peppers, onion, tomato & peppers in jhalfrezi masala.
Pilau Rice
Indian Carrot Cake

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