Earth Day (April 22nd) is a time to reflect and give back to nature. Now more than ever, this day is a reminder to us that we all share the earth. We are connected and dependent on each other to ensure the health of our planet. Codex Beauty is on a mission to create meaningful change in the beauty industry, one dab and swipe at a time. Codex Beauty’s formulas and practices are driven by sustainability, respect for the earth, and nurturing the eco-system of skin. These practices are at the core of everything Codex Beauty do. This year to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, Codex Beauty have created the Earth Day soap, a limited edition zero waste gift from Codex Beauty to you.  

Like many things we have that are leftover I happen to think that this is one of the most beautful soaps in the range. We have come a long way from soap on a rope my dear pals.


I met Hanji and she is just as amazing in person as her soapy creations are. She is so passionate about sustainabity and her knowlege on soap making is incredible.

Why did Codex Beauty create Earth Day Soap?

‘Sustainability is one of the key principles of the Codex Beauty Code.  In soap manufacturing, there is a lot of scrap material produced when shaving the long edges.  We decided to upcycle those shavings and create a colourful, citrusy, refreshing soap to celebrate Earth Day.  It’s a tribute to keeping our planet green and all the wonderful ingredients that go into our other soaps.

When we cut our soap logs into bars, we finish each soap by shaving the long edges to create a soap that is easy to roll in the hands for lathering. These would usually be discarded. For the leftovers that we don’t recycle into our own Earth Day Soaps, we are exploring the option of donating these to felt makers as this is a craft where soap is used to bind the fibers.’

How are the soaps made?

‘The process involves further chopping the shavings into smaller size. A new/fresh batch of soap batter is made and the shavings are carefully folded in right before pouring. We mix the shreds in making sure they are evenly distributed and allow the soap to set.  This creates the lovely colourful speckle pattern in the soap.  We chose a yellow background to highlight the colours.

The amount of shreds used is based on careful calculation of each component of each Bia soap. This ensures that the end soap does not contain any allergens that would potentially cause sensitivities. We also use a generous amount of “superfat” which makes this soap a gentle, conditioning yet effective one.  The scent was designed to be light and refreshing, reminding us of Spring, flowers, and life.’

Earth Day Soap is available now online at and through select retailers online as a gift with purchase. Enjoy 25% off and receive a complimentary bar of the limited-edition Earth Day Soap. A zero-waste gift from Codex Beauty to you.

As a side note the soap is really pretty and you would really not know that it was made with leftovers,

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