Chic chicken salad

Let me start by saying I rarely order a salad in a restaurant or cafe. I’m fussy when it comes to assembling an array of veggies and at times my taste can be eclectic.

Chic Chicken Salad

My penchant for salads at home has very little with me wanting to diet and far more to do with my love of raw veggies and crunchy seeds. Don’t offer me a limp over dressed monstrosity but full my vibrant bowl with texture and colour. Anyway enough about me let’s talk salad.

Chicken Marinade ( Dry)


Onion powder

Garlic powder

Cayenne pepper

Chilli flakes

I mix these together in a jar and keep it for adding to chicken almost like an all spice. You just need to coat the butterflied chicken breast in it. It can go straight on the pan or you can leave it in the fridge. You then oven bake the chicken or pan fry it. If you prefer chicken pieces you can use that too.

For the salad I love adding things like seeds and pine nuts to give it texture. For me onions are a must too. I grated some Parmesan too just for extra flavour. I had peppers carrots and edame beans also. Salad is such a personal choice and you can add baby potatoes or rice as a side. If you make enough for two days it works well cold in a wrap or pitta.

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