New normal and new skin

Another week closer to the new normal has got me excited. I am hoping to emerge from lockdown the way a butterfly does from a cocoon. I mean I will be a chubby one, after all the lockdown baking but hopefully with great skin. I have been enjoying trialling new products and taking a bit of time to assess what works within my routine. I am also blessed to show you the latest launches that have caught my eye this month. 

Skincare New Launches 

Often neglected the neck and décolletage is an area that we can forget. Clarins have added a brand-new product to their Extra Firming range.  A pioneer in skincare for the neck and décolleté since 1978, Clarins has continued to innovate to keep pace with women and their changing lifestyle, including a new concern Tech Neck. We are spending increased time looking at phones and tablets causing increased movement in that area. They did sixty-eight trials on the product and as always harnessed the best plant ingredients.  I love the incredibly comfortable texture of Extra-Firming Cou & Décolleté €64 and promotes a feeling of well-being and instantly smoother-looking skin.

IMAGE The MAX Contour Gel Crème (€129.00-50ml)

Reclaim youthful contours in your 30’s and 40’s with this contouring gel crème that restores the look of firmness and volume to the lower face.As we age we lose that little plump appearance and often it happens so gradually we don’t notice it. An anti-gravity peptide lifts and firm’s skin’s appearance, as the lipo-filler helps to counteract the look of sagging. The pump means no waste and keeps he ingredients active for the best results.  The moisture-melting effect releases nourishing oil microdroplets to plump up the appearance of lax skin while delivering a skin-softening surge and smoother texture. An essential for your skincare arsenal coming onto summer. 

IMAGE The MAX Wrinkle Smoother (€98.00-15ml)

Smooth things over with this ground-breaking serum that combines a wrinkle-fighting peptide, high-tech lifting polymer, and plant stem cell technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The unique applicator means you can target specific areas for an extra boost. Inspired by baby anti-wrinkle injections procedures—smaller, micro-doses of active ingredients with a super-targeted delivery to create more natural-looking results—this serum targets wrinkle formation pathways to smooth the look of forehead lines, crow’s-feet, and expression lines. Nutrient-dense plant stem cells derived from sweet iris provide a visible tightening effect, as a transparent lifting polymer smoothes out wrinkles. A great topical addition to your injectable regimen. Apply on top of your favourite IMAGE Skincare eye crème for an added boost of hydration.

IMAGE PREVENTION+ Daily Defence Lip Enhancer SPF 15 (€30.00-7g)

The Science behind this product is incredible. Protect and perfect with an all-new lip complex with mineral SPF 15 protection. Enhanced with palmitoyl tripeptide 1, a biomimetic peptide that moisturises and boosts the appearance of lip volume. Microspheres of marine collagen rehydrate on contact to help plump the lips’ appearance. This will keep your lips hydrated and supple. It’s a great post procedure product too. 

Acne + Skin Aging: Two Problems. One Solution.

Normally associated with teens, adult acne is becoming more common in the new world. Having clear skin is something we all crave but we don’t have to strip the skin to enjoy a clearer complexion these days. thanks to science and advancements in skincare.

Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil – €83 combines two powerhouses into one formula for the first time: Salicylic Acid to rapidly clear and prevent breakouts, and potent, time-released Retinol to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Best of all, this high-performance night oil visibly renews skin overnight, delivering clearer skin and reducing signs of premature aging within 7 days. Powered by skin-mimicking Phyto lipids: Retinol Clearing Oil features a lipid-based delivery system that actively nourishes with Argan, Rosehip Seed and Golden Jojoba oils. This helps to optimize results, minimise irritation and promote a healthy-looking glow. I found that my pore looked refined and there was no discomfort at all using the product.

Make up New Launches 

 LEGIT Lashes – Huda Beauty €27.00

Do you feel bare and bald with just your own wispy lashes? Turn it up a notch with Huda, the mistress of makeup has done it again. Whether you want to turn up the volume or are looking for a boost in the length department, each wand works effortlessly to give you the lashes you are after. Both ends are loaded with Huda’s signature extra black, Black-2 Liquid pigment. LEGIT Lashes will be your true one-and-only lash lover as you can choose a variety of lash looks with just one hero mascara. We are still about six weeks away from pro lashes so why not invest in a ghero product.

Volume & Definition- One end of LEGIT Lashes is armed with a curved brush featuring intertwined petal bristles, which means this pigmented mascara loads evenly onto the lashes to build layer after layer of volume without losing any definition or flexibility. The soft formula and low gravity volumising fibres also help to build beautiful volume without weight or stiffness. 

 Lengthen & Curl – The flip side of the LEGIT Lashes wand features a second unique formula that grips onto each lash, giving you immediate length and added curl. It is also loaded with patented 5mm lengthening fibres that work to mimic natural lashes. Combine that with a curved brush designed with nine rows of bristles so that each lash gets coated in extra length and maximum curvature, and your lashes are good to go. Lashing at home has never been more fun. 

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