Feeling Coq-y?

We’ve all realised it by now — one of the best quarantine pastimes has been ordering in all the great food that Cork has to offer. I am the first to admit it, burgers and chicken are pretty much one of my favourite eat out options. From the most noteworthy city centre eateries to those in the suburbs it is obvious to me that Cork businesses are not going down without a fight. the service industry isn’t going down without a fight.

Since the Corona virus hit, businesses have be forced to change or adapt to how they do business and Coqbull Cork is no exception. A nice outdoor area, plenty of space inside and a popular city centre location is great but the real winner for me is service.

There are loads of fine dining options in Cork yet even with all of the gourmet options out there, I completely understand if you just want to sit down and simply enjoy a good-ass burger or plate of chicken wings in your fat pants. If I am going to eat something that’s been ground, mashed together, seasoned, cooked and dressed up with all types of things that change how it tastes, I certainly want be sure what you’re eating is the absolute best. Cork burger joints are the berries. Enough though about what I didn’t eat and onto the main course.

I am not so fancy when it comes to food, I enjoy cooking or casual dining rather than the fanfare of fine dining. Coqbull is a regular spot for me, I have showcased their food and coqtails many times on my social media, however I felt this last experience was wothy of a word or two. We sat outside and the weather was lovely so we could have been in the med.

My experience of being out post lockdown has been on the whole positive, good physical distancing , safe serving and friendly staff are the least that one would expect, but with Coqbull you got a little extra. Our server Tara was a gem, making sure that we fekt comfortable and keeping us in the loop aout specials and happily recommending drinks her happy demenour meant we stayed for the full alloted time. The best summer days are enjoyed at a leisurely pace, drink in hand, which is why Coqbull stands supreme.

The pizza was cheesy, saucy and hot with a nice thin crispy base. For a restaurant that specialises in burgers , the pizza was especially good. The spicebag, served in an actual bag is both spicy and delicious, spicy chicken is basically the best thing that isn’t already on the menu at most places in my humble opinion. The flavor of this surreptitious spice bag will surely arouse your taste buds.We did our usual trick of ordering something we both liked and shared it. Price wise it was good value for money and they were both main course size portions. I am not really sure what else you can say about casual fod, other that it is good quality, made on site and very tasty. The wine list was good ranging from €23 to €33 for a bottle of white and the cocktails were €11 each. Thats average proce and they are fairly potent. I think my fave was The Last Supper, a rum based one. I had a Pornstar daquiri too, it was really sweet though so I’d only have that if you are a lover of sweet drinks.

They open 7 days for lunch and dinner and you can check out the menu here :http://www.coqbull.com/menus/

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