Frame your eyes with Clarins for AW2020

My lust for incredible make up has not been subdued during the pandemic, if anything I am sitting at home re reading my favourite books in a pair of yoga pants decked out in full make up. You betcha I am on every Zoom call with contoured cheeks and more highlighter than a glazed donut.

The new collection by Clarins is a medley that was made for mask wearing . Comprising of six sexy quad, some fantastic brow duo’s , lush lippies and a nifty make up corrector pen it is all happening for AW20.

Last week I got to trialling them and the weather was really warm and sunny but I went hard on them, blending rubbing and buffing my way to a more glam version of myself.

Milky boost launched this year and understandably I was hooked. Why? It’s seamless veil of the good stuff, blended imperceptibly with my own skin. I tried and few and finally settled on a shade perfectly suited to my skin tone, this can help make all the difference, no need to worry about tide lines or tan. It is not part of the new colletion but noteworthy.

The Flame Gradient quad is quite something, it contains four really well pigmented , complimentary colours that blend like a dream. Two of them are a nice matte shades and there are two more frosted ones, one a champagne and the other a suede looking chocolate brown.

Each which have a built-in primer so no more oily lids or creased shadow. How? They incorporated bamboo powder into the formula which is known to help enhance make-up wear. The advantage? No need to apply a base! I mean I rarely use anything as a base anyway unless it is super hot outside or I am headed to an event or wedding. These 2-in-1 eyeshadows have an integrated primer and promote perfect adhesion to the eyelids. Once applied colour is even and instant, it will not budge. my personal favourites are the Flame and Rosewood quads which offer a good selection of colours. They cost €43.00 each.

To finish off the eyes there is a brow duo €24.00, on one end, an applicator makes it possible to take up the innovative and long-wearing texture: a coloured powder that turns into a fresh, water-based gel as soon as it is applied. You can feel an almost cool sensaation. It is like magic! On the other end, a brush which grooms’ brows with a tinted gel mascara with lasting results. Anybody with long brow hairs will be thrilled with the hold of the gel. In just two steps, Brow Duo enhances eyebrows for a more intense eye look! I like the combination of gel and powder as it will be a great all rounder.

To make your life easier, Clarins invented Make-up Corrector Pen €20.00  a gentle make-up erasing brush you can use anywhere. (i have seen these for nails inthe past but never for eyes. Thanks to its precise felt tip, it removes unwanted traces of make-up from the eyes and the lips without touching the rest of the make-up. Itis enriched in jojoba oil which is known for its ability to nourish the skin without feeling oily. BONUS: it comes with three refills for around 300 uses in total. It is even a handy product for your desk if you need a touch up after lunch. I have found it handy for around my lips which I am prone to overlining anyway. It really is handy but not a necessary purchase, more of a want rather than a need.

The Joli Rouge intense lip balms offer an intense colour & hold that really lush vinyl shine while leaving you with nourished, comfortable lips. Melting, lightweight balm texture will leave you lips hydrated and a little exhuberant.

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