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A super matte face used to be the look everyone was going for. Now, everyone wants to look moist. Close-up photos of people showing off their radiant visages under extremely good lighting have taken the place of ultra matte contoured skin and it’s probably because they use a good ol’ vitamin C serum in their daily routine. Vitamin C is a powerhouse, multitasking antioxidant that both protects—neutralizing free radicals to prevent oxidative stress—and repairs—reducing hyperpigmentation and boosting collagen synthesis. Vitamin C serums are the go-to anti-aging remedy and the antidote to lacklustre, dehydrated skin. There is nothing better than great skin and now more than ever we are make up free.

As a sufferer of dry, dull skin myself I had a session with Dermalogica to chat getting bright and my skin right.

We started with a Pre Cleanse and Micro foliant to get the skin looking radiant and giving you the base for the next step.

Rapid Reveal Peel has a remarkable way of erasing those signs of aging. It kick-starts skin renewal for instant radiance, speeding removal of dull cells on the surface of your skin to reveal brighter, smoother, healthier-looking skin below. This enhanced cell renewal helps make up for what the skin naturally loses over time. Best of all, there is no downtime to the skin!

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

This convenient, at-home peel is the highest-strength retail exfoliant, that you can simply pop on while watching your favourite Netflix series and let the magic happen!

A unique complex of phytoactive Alpha Hydroxy Acids helps reveal new and firmer skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by removing dulling surface debris without causing dehydration.

Fermented plant enzymes help even skin tone by resurfacing the skin and accelerating cell turnover.Australian Caviar Lime Extract smoothes and brightens for a more radiant complexion.

How to Use:

1. Twist open applicator plug and dispense product into hands.

2. Lightly massage over face, neck and chest with fingertips in circular motion. Allow to activate for 3-7 minutes, depending on your skin’s sensitivity. You may experience slight tingling and/or warming.

3. Rinse thoroughly with cold water or wipe off with a cold, damp towel. Recommended for usage in the evening. I use cool water with this for the ultimate glow!

Optional Kick-Start Phase

A kick-start phase is recommended for those who are looking to achieve accelerated results. Start by using one tube of Rapid Reveal Peel every day for 3 days. After the 3rd day, transition to using one Rapid Reveal Peel tube every week.

Weekly Treatment

Ideal for maintaining the best results. Use one tube once a week.


If you want to give someone the gift of Netflix and peel this Christmas, Dermalogica also has the gorgeous Holiday Set – Your Super Rich Reveal!

Smooth away fine lines with Dermalogica’s most nourishing moisturiser and kickstart cell renewal with a professional-grade at-home peel. Kit includes:

• Super Rich Repair, 50ml: Deeply nourishing skin treatment cream for chronically dry, dehydrated skin.

• Rapid Reveal Peel 3ml, 3 individual peels

• Includes paper to create your own sculpted paper art.


Bio Lumin C Serum €95

High-performance serum enhances skin’s natural defence system to brighten, firm and help dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Advanced bio-technology and an ultra-stable Vitamin C complex work synergistically to enhance bioavailability of Vitamin C to fight oxidative stress and the appearance of skin ageing before it starts. Optimised delivery system combined with a peptide and AHA renews for brighter, firmer, more radiant skin

Bio Lumin C Eye Serum €76

Supercharged Vitamin C eye serum outsmarts visible premature skin ageing caused by daily eye movements and environmental stress. Lightweight serum delivers a highly bioavailable Vitamin C complex to the skin around the eyes to dramatically brighten and visibly firm.


Your Brightest Glow Yet

This brightening, firming Vitamin C duo gives your skin and delicate eye area two reasons to glow on. Kit includes:

• BioLumin-C Serum, 30ml: High-performance Vitamin C serum works with skin’s natural defenses to brighten, firm and defend. Avoid contact with eyes. Use sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product.

• BioLumin-C Eye Serum, 15ml: Supercharged Vitamin C eye serum outsmarts premature skin aging caused by daily eye movements and environmental stress. • Includes paper to create your own sculpted paper art. €125 (Saving €46)

Then we packed on some power with their iconic Multivitamin Power recovery Mask

Victoria Beckham ” I call Dermalogicia’s MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque my ambulance in a tube ”

Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque:A powerful anti-aging mask that boosts skin hydration and suppleness after exposing skin to stress. it’s powerful combination of Vitamins help increase elasticity and collagen renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

 How To Use: We recommend to apply generously to cleansed face and throat, avoiding eye area. After 10-15 minutes, gently yet thoroughly rinse with warm water. Apply once a week or whenever the skin needs a soothing remedy.

Key Ingredients: Vitamins A, C, E, F and Pro-Vitamin B5, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel, Beta-Glucan and Algae Extract.

These are available in Dermalogica salons all over the country.

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