Tweakments – Profhilo at Therapie 

We know that hydration is essential for healthy and supple skin. Skincare applied topically and drinking lots of water helps retain that glowy skin look. What if there was an injectable product though that could help with tone and texture too? Hello Profhilo. With the Style Awards approaching I wanted to give my skin that red carpet glow and I know from past experience that Profhilo is definitely the way to go, having had it as a pre 40th treatment. 

Profhilo can be used in combination with other treatments or as a stand-alone treatment. So if you already have anti wrinkle injections or dermal fillers you can still have Profhilo. 

Profhilo  works on the skin quality rather than the muscle movement which causes wrinkles or for the loss  of volume in the face. Profhilo has the highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in the market. Profhilo’s advanced  technology allows the Hyaluronic Acid to release slowly, meaning it does not trigger any  inflammation and provides both hydration (The Hydro Effect) and volume (The Lift Effect).  This innovative  treatment is available both for areas of the face and body. Results can be  seen within 3-5 days after treatment. The maximum effect of Profhilo is usually seen 2 months  after the second treatment. 

I opted for the treatment in my face and Dr Nik looked after me. He has a very calm nature and is very informative and gentle. I had no significant bruising or obvious swelling , but this differs for everyone. I had the treatments four weeks apart and the “glow up “ was certainly more obvious after the second round. I have got a lot of compliments and I am definitely wearing less makeup and concealer, 

It is a super hydrator and improves skin quality  and treats skin laxity. Profhilo is produced in a special way which means not only does it hydrate  the skin, but it also triggers a response in the tissue known as ‘bio remodelling’ which is a process  that is triggered in the skin to create new collagen and elastin. That is perfect for my age and stage in life where I can feel that my skin isn’t as tight as it once was. 

For me the winning fact about Profhilo is that you can treat your whole face with it. You aren’t just concentrating on one part so when you complete both treatments there is an overall improvement in the whole face, therefore I was happy with that. Sometimes if I have a treatment that perhaps concentrates on one area I can be looking at the areas that aren’t treated and feeling like they need a bit of oomph too. This is not the case at all with Profhilo.  

Overall I think that if you are looking for an all rounder for a fresher skin look then you should say hello to Profhilo. 

And lastly it would be remiss of me to chat about the treatment without mentioning the front of house team, who are accommodating and so lovely.  The Cork Clinic treats all of their customers like VIPs and you can see a lot of people leaving the treatment rooms with smiles and confidence and if that isn’t the best recommendation I don’t know what is. . 


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