Mary-Jane O’Regan is a former Retail Queen who spend most of her early career surrounded by luxury, working with some of the worlds most loved brands in the luxury sector. A lover of luxe and an aficionado on skin, having trained with some of the biggest brands in the world.

She is a self proclaimed glamour guru and is passionate about making women feel like the best version of themselves. She is a body positivity advocate and wants the fashion and beauty industry to be more inclusive .She has spent the better part of a decade working in and for the beauty industry. She sharpened her eyebrow pencils for four years in Brown Thomas and moved into the beauty editorial industry and is the editor of Hi Style and a beauty columnist for the Cork Independent. She also writes for Business Cork. She features regularly on local and national radio. Her primary focus is beauty tips and products at which she has become a go-to source, not just for the most hyped products at the moment, but the truly effective ones. Like most good critics, Mary-Jane dives headfirst into the products and services she’s writing about, trying the products herself (sometimes live on instagram) and sharing the results. Much of her editorial output comes from experience, though she makes it a point to look at beauty and its larger impact through lenses other than her own.Her writing is empathetic, relatable, and sometimes humorous. If you ask her to describe herself she would say she” is a woman that scrubs up well. “