Tweakments – Mesotherapy at Therapie

The thing I love about Mesotherapy is how universal it is. Secondly the downtime with it is pretty minimal. Almost all skin types can be treated with it because the whole premise of it is a personal cocktail of ingredients. It has regained popularity in recent years as the machines used are more advanced and the results even better from getting regular facials. I still advocate getting peels too. 

Thanks to the needle mesotherapy treatment, active substances, which are selected individually based on its condition, are injected into the skin, thus activating its regeneration processes. This makes it possible to work on various aesthetic problems of the skin by providing it with optimal ingredients and improving its general condition. 

The gun works by creating microscopically small punctures in the dermis, where our collagen is largely made. This intentional injury induces thousands of tiny, controlled wound-healing responses in this deep layer of the skin which stimulates collagen production. The superficial punctures introduced close again quickly, which is important since the epidermis protects our body from water loss and environmental damage. You may bleed a little during the procedure, I found that my forehead was quite receptive to the needles. The only area that was uncomfortable was along the temples, but it was perfectly tolerable.  Because of these little pricks to the skin , growth factors are released and fibroblasts are stimulated into synthesising new skin including collagen. In time, this will lead to a firmer, more elastic skin with more refined skin surface and improved radiance.

Personally I found it great for around the eye area as my therapist Lauryn was gentle yet had the experience to treat the areas well and altered the depth of the needle accordingly. If you are needle phobic then don’t worry as it’s a machine you see rather than a needle that penetrates the skin. t has been four weeks since my treatment and I can see a definate impovement, I would say that Mesotherapy is something you should do a course of throughtout the year and I am d certainly incprporating it into 2023 more often and more consistently. I will also be rebooking with Lauryn as she was so good and really understood my skin. She did mention another treatment too which tehy are launching in 23, so maybe Ii will be converted? Who knows!

It is easy to book with Therapie as they have so many clinics in Ireland and the UK.

During Mesotherapy
Directly afterwards – Check out the GLOW

Tweakments – Profhilo at Therapie

We know that hydration is essential for healthy and supple skin. Skincare applied topically and drinking lots of water helps retain that glowy skin look. What if there was an injectable product though that could help with tone and texture too? Hello Profhilo. With the Style Awards approaching I wanted to give my skin that red carpet glow and I know from past experience that Profhilo is definitely the way to go, having had it as a pre 40th treatment. 

Profhilo can be used in combination with other treatments or as a stand-alone treatment. So if you already have anti wrinkle injections or dermal fillers you can still have Profhilo. 

Profhilo  works on the skin quality rather than the muscle movement which causes wrinkles or for the loss  of volume in the face. Profhilo has the highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in the market. Profhilo’s advanced  technology allows the Hyaluronic Acid to release slowly, meaning it does not trigger any  inflammation and provides both hydration (The Hydro Effect) and volume (The Lift Effect).  This innovative  treatment is available both for areas of the face and body. Results can be  seen within 3-5 days after treatment. The maximum effect of Profhilo is usually seen 2 months  after the second treatment. 

I opted for the treatment in my face and Dr Nik looked after me. He has a very calm nature and is very informative and gentle. I had no significant bruising or obvious swelling , but this differs for everyone. I had the treatments four weeks apart and the “glow up “ was certainly more obvious after the second round. I have got a lot of compliments and I am definitely wearing less makeup and concealer, 

It is a super hydrator and improves skin quality  and treats skin laxity. Profhilo is produced in a special way which means not only does it hydrate  the skin, but it also triggers a response in the tissue known as ‘bio remodelling’ which is a process  that is triggered in the skin to create new collagen and elastin. That is perfect for my age and stage in life where I can feel that my skin isn’t as tight as it once was. 

For me the winning fact about Profhilo is that you can treat your whole face with it. You aren’t just concentrating on one part so when you complete both treatments there is an overall improvement in the whole face, therefore I was happy with that. Sometimes if I have a treatment that perhaps concentrates on one area I can be looking at the areas that aren’t treated and feeling like they need a bit of oomph too. This is not the case at all with Profhilo.  

Overall I think that if you are looking for an all rounder for a fresher skin look then you should say hello to Profhilo. 

And lastly it would be remiss of me to chat about the treatment without mentioning the front of house team, who are accommodating and so lovely.  The Cork Clinic treats all of their customers like VIPs and you can see a lot of people leaving the treatment rooms with smiles and confidence and if that isn’t the best recommendation I don’t know what is. . 


Thérapie Clinic Introduces NEW HArmonyCA Filler The First Hybrid Injectable

Thérapie Clinic continues to lead with excellence with the exclusive launch of HArmonyCA, the first hybrid injectable filler. NEW HArmonyCA by, Allergan Aesthetics, is the first hybrid injectable treatment which contains two active ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – the basis of dermal filler products – and Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA) – promotes the body’s own production of natural collagen. This dual-effect Hybrid Injectable can help to improve the skin architecture by providing an immediate lifting effect from the Hyaluronic Acid, and a gradual, long-lasting lift from Calcium Hydroxyapatite, by supporting the body’s own collagen production.  

 Dr Farah Kanji, Thérapie Clinic notes : 

“The treatment is really a ground-breaking innovation, the first hybrid injectable with the potential to offer an immediate lift from hyaluronic acid, and long-lasting collagen stimulation associated with calcium hydroxyapatite. As the skin ages the texture of it changes and laxity or sagging can become a problem. HArmonyCA allows us to provide an exciting new solution for patients and aesthetic practitioners alike. We can now offer the immediate gratification of dermal filler with a longer-term solution safely and effectively. 

As we age, loss of volume and change in texture are the most noticeable signs that our skin is ageing. Most dermal fillers contain only Hyaluronic Acid for the immediate filling effect without stimulating the body’s own collagen production, so once the filler degrades, the plumping and lifting effect is lost. HArmonyCA has the benefit of continued stimulation of collagen synthesis using Calcium Hydroxyapatite.  

Phillip McGlade, CEO of Thérapie Clinic, comments: 

 “We are so excited to be bringing HArmonyCA to our clinics across the UK and Ireland. As part of our continued commitment to our customers, we are always incorporating the latest and greatest innovations in the aesthetics industry into our treatment portfolio, bringing the best and the most exciting treatments to high streets. By introducing the first hybrid injectable to our clinics it allows us to address the needs of aging skin and continue to provide accessible treatments for all skin types.” 

Thérapie Clinic offer free consultations giving customers the opportunity to sit down with one of its expert team to discuss the best course of action to meet the customers’ need through safe, trusted, and proven treatments. HArmonyCA will be available at 30 Thérapie Clinics across Ireland from the November 2022, and to celebrate the launch Thérapie Clinic is offering a special introductory price of €795 per treatment- normal price of €1,200. 

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