Spring Looks pastel and pretty

In recent times I have been trying to lighten up my look for daytime. Being over forty is a game changer in terms of skin and while I'm diligent with skincare I've had to lighten up on the coverage big time. I am going to talk about two brands in this piece that I don't … Continue reading Spring Looks pastel and pretty

Is Insta like Dirty John?

Life is funny. Not ha ha funny but sort of odd. A bit like the socks you wear under winter boots or the mismatched Crockery your Granny had. And yet it goes on. One of the things I'm noticing increasingly is the amount of people living Instagram lives, that aren't really their actual lives. The … Continue reading Is Insta like Dirty John?

Ruby Flame by Luna

" If you can find me a better red than my traditional favourite which is strangely Wet n Wild Red Velvet for about €3 then I'll convert. " The one above pictured my friends is a Luna by Lisa creation in Ruby Flame. I am unashamed to say that I've purchased all three €19.99 at … Continue reading Ruby Flame by Luna

Neo Strata – Active Anti Ageing for the over 30’s

Galloping towards 40, 2018 was the year of trying more cosmeceutical type skincare and in the first half of the year I dedicated my routine for three months to cult favourite Neo Strata. I think I am one of the longest standing beauty editors that loves this brand and have always championed it even before … Continue reading Neo Strata – Active Anti Ageing for the over 30’s

Huda Cheerleader

Huda landed in Brown Thomas Cork in November and wow what a counter. From the gorgeous space to the incredible eye products I was pretty much instantly hooked. I follow Huda Kattan on social media and love her look. Do what exactly does it offer Irish skin-tones? I guess the lipsticks and eye shadows are … Continue reading Huda Cheerleader

Alex Steinherr X Primark

I was delayed writing this review for many reasons but primarily because the utter devastation you all would have felt at reading the reviews and then hot footing it to Primark, only to discover the goodies were our of stock would have ruined your festive season. However I am glad to report that it is … Continue reading Alex Steinherr X Primark

Eden Medical my journey to a better face

We all have small insecurities about ourselves things we would rather not have to look at everyday and for me working in the industry I do it means that I'm sometimes in the spotlight a little. Most notably with various events etc I have to attend. I'm no stranger to a little tweak, a ml … Continue reading Eden Medical my journey to a better face