Glam Granola

Granola is such a handy versatile thing to have in the cupboard at home. This one lasts about 2 weeks in an airtight container. I have also given different alternatives for you if the nutty one isn’t for you. Personally I like a bit of a clumpy granola as I feel there’s more of a … Continue reading Glam Granola

Flirty Flapjacks

What makes these flapjacks flirty? Well firstly they contain no raisins because let’s face it raisins are the devils droppings. Secondly they have nuts and we all know that nuts are the start of a magnificent oaty treat. Then add the food of love chocolate chips and really you just wanna take them home and … Continue reading Flirty Flapjacks

Sunday Brunch at Cask

Heading over the newly opened Mary Elmes bridge in Cork towards the reimagined Victorian Quarter in Cork I am anticipating something delicious as I head to Cask for a brunch. A self confessed dinner- only girl I was surpised to find myself joining the young hip trendy brunch crew at a respectable hour of 1pm … Continue reading Sunday Brunch at Cask