Look Good Feel Good – 2020 Mantra

Whether it is a bad day, a fight with our other half,  a low point on the hormonal roller coaster of life *these are the worst type, or one of the more complex challenges of dealing with mental health issues – we have all been there at some point. So, when putting one foot in … Continue reading Look Good Feel Good – 2020 Mantra

Platinum holds the secret to lush locks

Today, those craving lustrous lengths have an array of different options to choose from when it comes to faux lengths, which can leave one overwhelmed when deciding what type of hair extensions to opt for. My advice? Head to the experts at Platinum Hair. In general, though, Platinum is kinda the holy grail for extensions … Continue reading Platinum holds the secret to lush locks

Fathers Day Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner and whether you are buying for a young and hip dad or a traditional socks and Brut wearer this piece will give you some fresh ideas to help choose something for your Dad this year. Men are becoming more and more conscious of their grooming and with the … Continue reading Fathers Day Ideas

Travelling light 

Anyone that has flown with a low cost airline will know that space is at a premium in your suitcase yet the dilemma of keeping your skin and hair in tip top condition while you are away is a struggle without your favourite products. Here are some tips for traveling light but keeping your space … Continue reading Travelling light