Oto at The Kingsley

CBD has taken the skincare and self-care space by storm. It is having quite its “moment” in the spotlight in skincare, drops and even haircare. Demand for the ingredient has skyrocketed, turning it from relatively unknown to the power term on every big skincare and wellness brand's hit list. CBD is a type of cannabinoid, … Continue reading Oto at The Kingsley

A Yonka at home treat

With our lives proving to be jam packed nowadays, longer work hours and our social lives returning post covid, it can often feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. We all need to recharge our minds and boost our energies occasionally to ensure that we can be our best selves.I … Continue reading A Yonka at home treat

Kinsale Hotel and Spa is the ultimate relaxation spot

I am going to set a sumptuous scene for you here. A summer stay in a hotel set in 90 acres of mature wooded parkland and offering panoramic views over Oysterhaven Bay that is just 30 minutes from Cork City and 5 minutes away from a thriving seaside town. The staff are friendly and the … Continue reading Kinsale Hotel and Spa is the ultimate relaxation spot

We need to stop the “positivity porn”

You cannot scroll through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook without coming across a positivity post. I am totally guilty of having a great day and posting something uber positive because I am by nature ordinarily positive. I see the good (sometimes to my detriment) in most people, places, and things. I tend to make the best … Continue reading We need to stop the “positivity porn”

Swanky Scandi style serviced accomodation in the Victorian Quarter

Remember my waterfall brunch a couple of weeks ago? My non Cork readers were super excited to hear about the city centre bruch that hot the spot. Well if you aren't from Cork then fear not because you can stay in some swanky serviced apartments upstairs. These perfect for business or pleasure and have my … Continue reading Swanky Scandi style serviced accomodation in the Victorian Quarter

I’m with the Squad….

Kate Parfrey(L), and Josie McCarthy(R), Co-founders, The Squad Gym, pictured with gym members Patrick Hogan, Sea Box Group Managing Director, and Louise O'Callaghan, Teacher, at the official launch of the new Squad Gym premises at Richfield Business Park, Ballycurreen, Cork Picture: Michael O'Sullivan /OSM PHOTO Many of you know that I am with the squad … Continue reading I’m with the Squad….

Yankee Candles – Soft blanket 

I love candles. I spend a good portion of my income on them because lets face it you spend plenty of time at home. I love the smell of Vanilla once it is not just Vanilla, as sometimes I find that it is too sweet. Soft Blanket is a warm vanilla scent that has a … Continue reading Yankee Candles – Soft blanket