Glam Granola

Granola is such a handy versatile thing to have in the cupboard at home. This one lasts about 2 weeks in an airtight container. I have also given different alternatives for you if the nutty one isn’t for you. Personally I like a bit of a clumpy granola as I feel there’s more of a … Continue reading Glam Granola

Smooth Bright and Glowing for Summer

Summer cute flamingo on a blue summer background, summer vector illustration, summer print design. Hello summer background. Cool flamingo with palm vector illustration. Tropical summer background and summer backdrop. Hello Summer Holiday poster. Traveling Is there anything better than a tan? With holidays possibly postponed until 2021, we can glow from the bottle because it … Continue reading Smooth Bright and Glowing for Summer

Lockdown Habits you might Keep

Another week closer to returning to normality for us all thankfully, that being said there are a few quarantine habits that I will be bringing back to the new normal for sure. The extra time I have had has made me realise that lockdown is the perfect time to form a good habit. Just think … Continue reading Lockdown Habits you might Keep


Earth Day (April 22nd) is a time to reflect and give back to nature. Now more than ever, this day is a reminder to us that we all share the earth. We are connected and dependent on each other to ensure the health of our planet. Codex Beauty is on a mission to create meaningful change in the beauty industry, … Continue reading CODEX BEAUTY CREATE EARTH DAY SOAP

Swanky Scandi style serviced accomodation in the Victorian Quarter

Remember my waterfall brunch a couple of weeks ago? My non Cork readers were super excited to hear about the city centre bruch that hot the spot. Well if you aren't from Cork then fear not because you can stay in some swanky serviced apartments upstairs. These perfect for business or pleasure and have my … Continue reading Swanky Scandi style serviced accomodation in the Victorian Quarter

Mothers day treats for all budgets.

Mother’s Day isn’t too far away, and I thought that a gift guide for all budgets including a supermarket favourite was in order. Of course, as always, I have included an Irish product to that is under a tenner. My favourite flowers are peonies and if you don’t want to splash out on a bunch … Continue reading Mothers day treats for all budgets.

Ruby Flame by Luna

" If you can find me a better red than my traditional favourite which is strangely Wet n Wild Red Velvet for about €3 then I'll convert. " The one above pictured my friends is a Luna by Lisa creation in Ruby Flame. I am unashamed to say that I've purchased all three €19.99 at … Continue reading Ruby Flame by Luna

Garryvoe Hotel- A Pleasure

A winter getaway may be not what you are thinking of right now, knee deep in wrapping paper and possibly short on time and temper, however I can assure you that you will leave The Garryvoe Hotel feeling relaxed and refreshed. Nothing warms your cockles like tucking into a big, hearty meal while the elements … Continue reading Garryvoe Hotel- A Pleasure

BPerfect LMD Master Pallet

Last weekend I got to meet Brendan the creator of BPerfect Cosmetics. BPerfect is a brand that's available in over 1000 outlets on the island of Ireland. As a man who has no artistry skills in terms of make up I found it a little funny that he would develop a range that was so … Continue reading BPerfect LMD Master Pallet