Invest in your serums

Serums are an investment, both in time and money, however the payoff is worth it. Sometimes it feels like there is a new one on the market every week and I agree that it can be confusing because every one that is launched claims to be the next best thing. As a beauty writer I … Continue reading Invest in your serums

A Yonka at home treat

With our lives proving to be jam packed nowadays, longer work hours and our social lives returning post covid, it can often feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. We all need to recharge our minds and boost our energies occasionally to ensure that we can be our best selves.I … Continue reading A Yonka at home treat

Lockdown Habits you might Keep

Another week closer to returning to normality for us all thankfully, that being said there are a few quarantine habits that I will be bringing back to the new normal for sure. The extra time I have had has made me realise that lockdown is the perfect time to form a good habit. Just think … Continue reading Lockdown Habits you might Keep

Neo Strata – Active Anti Ageing for the over 30’s

Galloping towards 40, 2018 was the year of trying more cosmeceutical type skincare and in the first half of the year I dedicated my routine for three months to cult favourite Neo Strata. I think I am one of the longest standing beauty editors that loves this brand and have always championed it even before … Continue reading Neo Strata – Active Anti Ageing for the over 30’s

Blemish Emergency Solution 

Spots are not to be picked do you hear me? NOT to be picked. Your mum told you, your beauty therapist told you and now I am telling you. Forget it. I don't care if Mount Ethna has erupted on your face, this is not a drill. Leave it out. Blemishes respond well totopical treatments … Continue reading Blemish Emergency Solution 

Oksia -Get up and Glow

  OSKIA’s much loved Get Up & Glow serum, affectionately known as ‘sleep in a bottle’ to many, has had a packaging revamp. The bottle has been replaced with a handy pipette dropper to make sure that you are using just the right amount. Here are the claims: The original radiance and energy-boosting formula remains. … Continue reading Oksia -Get up and Glow

Yankee Candles – Soft blanket 

I love candles. I spend a good portion of my income on them because lets face it you spend plenty of time at home. I love the smell of Vanilla once it is not just Vanilla, as sometimes I find that it is too sweet. Soft Blanket is a warm vanilla scent that has a … Continue reading Yankee Candles – Soft blanket