Smooth Bright and Glowing for Summer

Summer cute flamingo on a blue summer background, summer vector illustration, summer print design. Hello summer background. Cool flamingo with palm vector illustration. Tropical summer background and summer backdrop. Hello Summer Holiday poster. Traveling Is there anything better than a tan? With holidays possibly postponed until 2021, we can glow from the bottle because it … Continue reading Smooth Bright and Glowing for Summer

Pharmacy Finds

The pharmacy is a one stop shop for all your summer needs, from antihistamines to SPF and beyond. The beauty aisles in pharmacies are some of my moist visited be it in town or online. I feel justified in allocating a little budget each month to treat myself to some of the skincare, supplements, and … Continue reading Pharmacy Finds

New normal and new skin

Another week closer to the new normal has got me excited. I am hoping to emerge from lockdown the way a butterfly does from a cocoon. I mean I will be a chubby one, after all the lockdown baking but hopefully with great skin. I have been enjoying trialling new products and taking a bit … Continue reading New normal and new skin


Earth Day (April 22nd) is a time to reflect and give back to nature. Now more than ever, this day is a reminder to us that we all share the earth. We are connected and dependent on each other to ensure the health of our planet. Codex Beauty is on a mission to create meaningful change in the beauty industry, … Continue reading CODEX BEAUTY CREATE EARTH DAY SOAP

Going full length…..

You may have noticed I am dipping my toe cautiously into fashion blogging. The reason being that although I'm not by any means an amazing representative for being a certain body type. I am proof that you can be plus size and embrace your look. I welcome all commentary on this of course just like … Continue reading Going full length…..

BPerfect LMD Master Pallet

Last weekend I got to meet Brendan the creator of BPerfect Cosmetics. BPerfect is a brand that's available in over 1000 outlets on the island of Ireland. As a man who has no artistry skills in terms of make up I found it a little funny that he would develop a range that was so … Continue reading BPerfect LMD Master Pallet