Gentle exfoliation Renewed radiance with Neo Strata

Exfoliation very often gets a bad name. Scrubbing and pulling your skin is not the most pleasant experience but what if you could do it chemically? Of course we know this is possible but what are the benefits? Why is now the best time to start? Improving the skin's tone, lucidity and surface. Stimulating healthy … Continue reading Gentle exfoliation Renewed radiance with Neo Strata

A Yonka at home treat

With our lives proving to be jam packed nowadays, longer work hours and our social lives returning post covid, it can often feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. We all need to recharge our minds and boost our energies occasionally to ensure that we can be our best selves.I … Continue reading A Yonka at home treat

Try the latest skin technology 

There is nothing that evolves faster than the beauty world, and being a self confessed skincare lover I was so intrigued by some of the latest launches.  The innovation and research that has gone into them is something so important and intriguing.  Following many years of research into the benefits of a healthy microbiome and … Continue reading Try the latest skin technology 

Glow up with an at home facial – Dermalogica

A super matte face used to be the look everyone was going for. Now, everyone wants to look moist. Close-up photos of people showing off their radiant visages under extremely good lighting have taken the place of ultra matte contoured skin and it's probably because they use a good ol' vitamin C serum in their daily … Continue reading Glow up with an at home facial – Dermalogica

Lockdown Habits you might Keep

Another week closer to returning to normality for us all thankfully, that being said there are a few quarantine habits that I will be bringing back to the new normal for sure. The extra time I have had has made me realise that lockdown is the perfect time to form a good habit. Just think … Continue reading Lockdown Habits you might Keep

The SPF Edit

SPF has always been important. A person’s natural skin colour influences their risk of UV damage, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer and can be classified on a scale – the Fitzpatrick skin type classification scale, which ranges from 1 (high risk) to 6 (low risk). It considers skin colour (i.e. pale white to black), and how … Continue reading The SPF Edit

Think you’re IT?

My background in skincare will always see me gravitate towards a brand that is skincare focused, moreso because i have what I am happy to call problematic skin. I suffer with atopic scaly skin that can knock the confidence out of me when I have a breakout. Everyone thinks that skin problems stem from spots … Continue reading Think you’re IT?

Garnier Milky Goodness

We all have tried Garnier’s magical micellar water by now, but they have just launched a brand new one that is full of milky goodnessFirstly it is worth mentioning that this isn't milk in the true sense of the word, no need to be pasturised or homogonised. The cloudy formula is created through a mixture … Continue reading Garnier Milky Goodness