Maskne- The curse of 2020

We are all contending with a range of issues with skincare due to the additional use of masks and sanitisers. One of the buzzwords you may have seen popping up on feeds is Maskne. This is essentially pockets of acne like pimples or blemishes which pop up where your mask typically covers. The technical term … Continue reading Maskne- The curse of 2020

The biggest anti aging secret – SPF

Meet your antiaging secret weapon it’s simple it is SPF. We all know how damaging the sun is to our skin by now. Ireland has one of the highest rates of melanoma in Europe. For many years I myself was a sun worshiper and have the pigmentation and sun damage to tell the tale. As … Continue reading The biggest anti aging secret – SPF

Guinot Sun range 

There is nothing nicer than going on holiday armed with some really nice SPF. Summer or winter. I hit the Canary Islands in recent times and brought some Guinot products with me. I am quite fair skinned so need to really up my game with he SPF because in recent years I have adopted the … Continue reading Guinot Sun range