We need to talk about … Double Standards

The news over the last number of weeks has been pretty grim and the general narrative is in no way gender neutral. Women by our very nature are nurturers, we make things better, try to cope and see apparently better at " coping". We are expected to be paragons if virtue and keep our knickers … Continue reading We need to talk about … Double Standards

Pure Potions for Dry Scaly Skin 

Itchy atopic skin is part of life for me everyday. While I control my Psoriasis quite well using a little prescription product the rest of my body is still dry. Bearing in mind I'm a slave to the shower I had to look to a range that was a good emollient and not over the … Continue reading Pure Potions for Dry Scaly Skin 

Budget Beauties

Payday is still a week away and with that in mind I wanted to show you some pretty budget buys to help beat the January blues. Matt lipsticks have become a staple in all of our make up bags and one of the best stain / colour combo comes from Wet'nWild and their liquid catsuit. … Continue reading Budget Beauties

Bloggers Blaggers and Bull … a story of me with pictures

The blogger thing has quite frankly got me thinking and if I'm honest doing a bit of soul searching. Firstly I kinda ice skate quite inelegantly around the border of being a blogger, I have my own website and curate my own content , however the reason I initially started a blog was because someone … Continue reading Bloggers Blaggers and Bull … a story of me with pictures

Sugar and Acid in Skincare

Sugar and acid? It isn’t all bad for you if you aren’t eating it. Skin experts have long known the benefits of these ingredients in skincare so let’s dispel some of the lingo associated with skincare to help us understand what sugar or acid works best for each skin type. AHA- Alpha hydroxy acids are … Continue reading Sugar and Acid in Skincare

Commitment phobic nails 

Time and time again during the summer there are weddings BBQs and events and life is just busy for most people particularly stay at home mums when the kids are off school. If like me you love glam nails but aren't especially skilled at making it happen then it is worth checking out Kiss ready … Continue reading Commitment phobic nails