New year fresh face



Ok Glamettes the shops are getting their spring stock in as we speak so we all need to update our Skincare to improve our look without the war paint! So that means answering your front door to the postman in your best Loungewear and sans slap!

A New Years resolution to be more disiplined about skin care is easy to implement and not only will your skin be great the satisfaction of sticking to a resolution will be great! We can be more fab and more confident than ever!

Brow tastic


Brows- to determine where your brow should begin hold a pencil straight alongside your nose where the pencil lands by your brow is where they should begin
To work out where the brow should end imagine a line from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye.
The highest point of your brow should be the middle. You know the bit you arch when asking someone “are you serious?”.
I cannot atress the important of a well groomed brow, it shapes the face and is really as important an accessory to have as a well groomed gentleman!


Tweezerman oh tweezerman!

Tweezers.. Point or angle ? Everyone needs one if each in their arsenal of beauty gadgets.
For eyebrows upper lip or chin choose Angled tweezers for targeted hair removal.

The slant makes it easier to grip and pull. Pointed tweezers are good for short hair.

Pluck in the direction of hair growth.
Pluck after a bath or shower when it’s easier to remove.

Banish the Blues – Aaaa-chooooo

Lots of people are sick at the moment boost your immune system by taking a good multi vitamin and lots of fruit and veg. Keep your skin hydrated and use eye cream when you’re sick! It will make sure you don’t get chapped or dry skin.Top yourself up with B vitamins in a tincture format and if you are suffering from a cold then you need to be swallowing Vit C by the gallon!

Glamity….. C’est Moi!


So here it is! My very own blog! I am so passionate about making people feel great! And this is how it begins! I have long asked myself what would I do without make up??? I love it! Its not the only thing that is important to me but it’s such a huge part of my life!

I guess the question needs to be answered how did someone that studied business studies, didn’t wear a proper foundation until she was 21 and ended up working in an office doing customer service and  debt collection ever end up painting peoples faces for a living??? Why at 32 did I decide to actually leave a well paid secure job and take the plunge?

Well it was a series of events! One of them being some very lazy friends, none of whom liked doing their own make up and would arrive to my house on a Saturday night with a a bottle of wine and the excuse “but you have all the stuff”. So I became quite good at smokey eyes. It was one friend in particular that nagged me! She is small but powerful.

I was always a product junkie. I remember my sister worked in Marks and Spencer and I had the roll on deo, talc and shower gel of every line they had. I hung out in the body shop on a Saturday drowning myself in Dewberry. I was obsessed with VO5 hot oil treatments. I had Rimmel Heather Shimmer.

Make up came later on….. My first make up was “Almost make up” by Clinique. I moved on at 21 to Flawless Finish…. and then it took off in a huge way……..MAC Bobbi Brown and Benefit! Estee Lauder was my Mecca and Shiseido my saviour!

So I used to get asked a lot about make up and throughout the years toyed with the idea of taking it further, never did. I sort of thought that in order to work in cosmetics you had to look like Kate Moss or Cameron Diaz! Anyway I was wrong! All you need is skill and confidence and really good interpersonal skills! I digress!

So around two years ago I won a boudoir shoot! For those of you that are not familiar with what one is it’s like a glamour girl shoot! But its more pillowfight than FHM if that makes sense. It was through this shoot I met a wonderful Make up artist. It was then at that moment I decided I wanted to do it. Strange i know. I felt empowered and dare I say beautiful.  So I started upskilling and applied for a job and got an interview! I got it!
Glamity was born a year later and I am loving it xxxxxx
Remember people will forget what you wear forget what you say but never forget how you made them feel.